Bianca Lodewijks - van Loon

Bianca Lodewijks - van Loon


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Bianca Lodewijks - van Loon

"Going to work must be a hobby and something you do with passion!"

Together you're creating chances and exploit these successfully, but it's your choice to make and use them. In a conversation with you, we can discover what your strengths and needs are. But... without passion for your profession you can't get there. It's not just about education and work experience, but also about you as a person. By continuing dialogue with my clients I know what is going on with the principals and how the organization and teams stabbing each other. In the social field, I try to make the right match between client and candidate and continues to remain in dialogue with professionals. What type of person is needed, in addition to the hard requirements? Through my experience in interim management and the social field, I can tell you what YER has to offer. Here I focus on the province of Gelderland.

Do you take this opportunity to create an opportunity and exploit?

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