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Make the difference with your next step

As an experienced specialist, manager or executive, you have proven your knowledge and skills. You have made it into the top segment of the job market and now it’s time for a new step. We help you think about the long term, and together, we ensure you will broaden your horizons so that you can maximize your ambitions.  

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For ambitious leaders and experts

Would you like to work on the basis of a permanent contract or would you rather share your expertise as an interim employee? We connect you to prominent organizations that are a good match for your ambitions. Thanks to our extensive network, we can put you in contact with multinationals, private equity firms, family businesses, SMEs, startups and scale-ups. Since 1987, we have built up a proven track record in the profit, non-profit and public sectors that continues to grow.

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Extensive network

Extensive network

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Focus on development

Focus on development

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Personal guidance

Personal guidance

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Our approach

For the ultimate enrichment of your career

Finding a new challenge can be harder than you might expect. Which job opportunities are a good match for you? How can you find out what an organization is really looking for? What’s the best growth path for you? Are you too specialized as a senior employee, and can your experience work to your disadvantage?  

We can be your sparring partner in your search for answers to all of these questions. As a strategic and independent career adviser, we focus on your unique story. Thanks to our analytical view and targeted feedback, we can help you discover your ambitions. We then match you with the right jobs and organizations. 

Push your limits

Choose your field of expertise

A team of consultants specialized in every field is ready to give you targeted career advice. We share our latest insights on the various subspecialties and are up-to-date on the most recent developments.

Meet our consultants

Our team consists of specialists who get you because we know your field inside and out. Most of our consultants have a background in the field they are active in. Others have years of experience in employment services. This unique combination is what makes us the ideal sparring partner for top-class positions.

Kevin van Beest
I studied Accounting and since 2019, I’ve been working as a Finance Consultant focusing on areas such as private equity, venture capital,...
Meet with Kevin
Laury Stigter
I’m an enthusiastic, empathetic person who puts kindness first. In addition, I assume people are inherently good and believe that everyone...
Meet with Laury
Mickey van Leur
I studied Human Resource Management and started working at YER as a Recruiter Technology after graduating from college in 2017. Later I...
Meet with Mickey
Jasmijn van de pol
With an academic background in Psychology, I have developed a great interest in human behavior. I value personal growth and helping people...
Meet with Jasmijn
Ellewies Dekker
I joined YER as a recruiter in 2016 and have progressed to become the national manager of YER's Talent Recruitment Team. Rolling out new...
Meet with Ellewies
Sophie van Wouwe
I studied International Facility Management and joined YER in 2022. As an engineering recruiter, I spend most of my time matching technical...
Meet with Sophie
Bart Siebelink
Over my decade of work at YER in job placement, I’ve progressed into a business development manager for maritime and offshore-related...
Meet with Bart
Mark Gerritse
When I first entered the world of job placement, I mainly worked with candidates. However, since joining YER in 2020, I’ve developed into a...
Meet with Mark
Dave Gielen
I’ve been working in job placement as a recruiter and key account manager since 2013. During my career, I’ve progressed to become...
Meet with Dave
Denny Molenaar
After 17 years of work as a logistics manager, I accepted a job at YER in 2021 as Logistics and Supply Chain Team Lead. My network considers...
Meet with Denny

A few of the organizations our candidates work for: