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Challenge yourself and grow

You’re building momentum as a professional, and want to expand your career horizons. We are the experienced career coach that guides and supports you in fulfilling your ambitions, whether this next move is vertical or lateral.

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For ambitious professionals

Interested in taking on new, challenging projects? Or would you prefer to get to know one client better, with the potential for a permanent contract? When you choose YER, you are employed by us on a temporary basis. We connect you to inspiring organizations that are a good match for your goals, and for brief or longer periods of time. Thanks to our extensive network, we can put you in contact with local and national public companies, large corporations, family businesses, SMEs, startups and scale-ups.

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Extensive network

Extensive network

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Focus on development

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Personal guidance

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Our approach

For a successful continuation of your career 

You want to grow in your career, get as much work experience as possible, and build your network. What’s the best way to communicate your qualities? What type of employer is a good fit for you? How can you get the most out of your career?

Our team consists of specialized career consultants who are fully dedicated to your professional development. We are right there with you; we know the obstacles and speak the same language. Whether you need a career coach for specific advice or just a sympathetic ear. Our guidance will help you keep moving and growing.

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Getting started as a temporary employee

When you work with us, you have the choice of three contract forms:

  • Temp-to-perm: after exploring your options together with us for two years, you have the possibility of securing a permanent position from the client
  • Project-based: you are contracted on a temporary basis for an ongoing project. When the project is complete, we link you to a new assignment. This might be with your current client or a new organization, and includes the possibility that you will ultimately be offered permanent employment with a client.
  • Freelancers: if you own your own business or are a freelancer, we will put you in touch with a comprehensive network of prominent organizations. We use a recognized model contract that shapes the employment relationship in the desired manner.


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Explore our job opportunities

If you’re looking for a challenging position with plenty of prospects for growth, we offer a large selection of interesting job openings in a range of professional fields and industries. Our network of inspiring clients is an extensive one, and is growing every day.

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Expand your career horizons

Choose your professional field

Our consultants stay up-to-date on current developments in each field, and provide you with personal guidance for taking the next step.

A few of the organizations our candidates work for:

Frequently asked questions about temporary employment

We employ you in a project-based or temp-to-perm capacity. You will work for one of our clients, on a short- or long-term basis. But what do project-based or temp-to-perm basis positions entail? 

More about temporary employment

If you are employed on a temporary basis through YER, you enter into an employment contract with us. We place you with clients in our network, but you are employed by YER.

Yes, this is a distinct possibility. After working through YER for the agreed period, it is often possible for you to transfer to the client. Or you stay with YER and start working on a new project. Our consultants will be happy to tell you more about the different contracts and scenarios.

Yes, in many cases this is possible. At the end of your temporary contract(s), you can transfer to the client or accept another temporary contract from YER. Our professionals are increasingly choosing temp-to-perm placements. This means that at the end of the agreed minimum temporary employment period, you will be employed by the client.

You are entitled to the same terms of employment as colleagues in comparable positions employed directly by the client. You may also benefit from terms of employment offered by YER, such as coaching, training and masterclasses. The specific terms and conditions will depend on the contract and the industry in which you work. Your YER consultant will be happy to go through all the possibilities with you in person.

Meet our consultants

Our team consists of consultants who are skilled at seeing things through your eyes. The majority of them specialize in your field of expertise. Others have a great deal of experience in employment services. This unique combination is what makes us the perfect career coaches for ambitious professionals.

Wesley Jeoffrey
Expertise: Cloud | DevOps | InfrastructureMy aim is to provide a relevant, complex and diverse portfolio of positions and candidates, to...
Meet with Wesley
Bart Siebelink
Over my decade of work at YER in job placement, I’ve progressed into a business development manager for maritime and offshore-related...
Meet with Bart
Christel van Erp
I joined YER in 2017 after having acquired experience in job placement since 2008. Here, as a business unit manager, I focus on managing my...
Meet with Christel
Pam Roesink
In my work, I guide new entrants with a scientific education, such as technology and IT students, to find inspiring jobs. Our team works...
Meet with Pam
Jeroen van der Aa
Because of the frequent contact I have with individuals and my commercial drive, it has been the perfect step for me to enter the job...
Meet with Jeroen
Vasco van Oosterwijck
After completing my study in Technical Business Administration, I started working at a job placement agency in civil engineering. In 2018, I...
Meet with Vasco
Bram Dwars
I started working at YER in 2021 immediately after completing my Bachelor’s in Commercial Economics & Sports Marketing. I’m specialized...
Meet with Bram
Rachel Verstift
As General Manager, I’m involved in developing traineeships, managing departments, and relationship management. My unwavering dedication,...
Meet with Rachel
Thijs Staal
With a background in both the corporate sector and government, I have been active in labor mediation since 2021. At YER, my focus lies...
Meet with Thijs