Elke Kesnich

Elke Kesnich

Senior Consultant

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Elke Kesnich
Areas of expertise: Human Resource Management, Change Management, Project Management. Due to my experience in various branches, organizations and functions and background as an Organizational Psychologist, I have now built up an extremely good network in HR, Change- and Project Management and developed a strong sensitivity to the right match. Truly understanding what moves our clients, the phase an organization is in, the objectives and the challenges that exist in the market for the client, inspire me. In addition, I get energy from conversations with candidates about their career, life and ambitions. My goal is to find an optimal match between the ambitions of clients and candidates. I mainly mediate Senior Professionals in the field of Human Resources, Change Management and General Project Management for permanent employment as well as with a need for a temporary 'solution' (in case of peak load, special projects, sickness or maternity leave replacement). The expectations of both client and candidate are carefully managed by me throughout the recruitment process. The breadth of my field ensures that I stay sharp with developments in our field and developments in the market that have an impact on the various organizations, so that I can quickly add value in a mediation process and that I have been working with great pleasure and motivation for many years with the most talented people in the field of HR, Change - and Project Management.

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