Milou Olde Boerrigter

Milou Olde Boerrigter

Commercieel Manager
Research & Development, Quality & Safety, Engineering

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Milou Olde Boerrigter

From a natural interest in technology I like to talk with customers to find out what drives the company's vision and in which markets they operate. A look at the R&D department or production plant gives me insight into the dynamics of the organization. Together with the client I identify the problem and I am able to match candidates both on technical expertise as personality. For me it is paramount; the best person in the best place. I like to be challenged.

Through my experience in field management and recruitment, I have the ability to inform and candidates to inform and enthuse them about the environment in which they might arrive. Next to that and I ask them critical questions about their development and ambition. It gives me great satisfaction to help candidates with putting the right steps in their careers.

My successes have translated into long-term employment and added value for organizations. These employees have provided technical breakthroughs in R&D departments and demonstrable increases in revenue from sales positions. That makes me proud.

Are you looking for technical talent or experience in your organization, whether you want to understand your career and the possible steps in this? Please contact me so we can have a talk!

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