Aafke Aalderink

Aafke Aalderink

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Research & Development, Supply Chain, Engineering, Education & Training, Construction & Civil Engineering, Facility & Real Estate

+31 (0)88 937 11 00
+31 (0)6 511 223 35

Aafke Aalderink

Whoever has talent, has the future!

We believe in being the connecting bridge between study and work. As a Talent Acquisiton Specialist I help technical students prepare for the job market. I do this, among other things, by organizing events for students, providing CVs with feedback, thinking about suitable starter vacancies and giving personal advice. I am in daily contact with students to see where I can be of added value.

I am in regular contact with colleges, universities, study and student (sports) associations. My colleagues who are trained as trainers and coaches provide these students with various training courses/workshops focused on personal development. Think, for example, of time management, applying for jobs, but also personal branding. I organize fun and informative events in collaboration with boards or committees. I like to get to know students and talk, spar and research together at these events about what I can do for them during the study, but also afterwards, in the future.

I am happy to help with research and I can provide support in preparing for the labor market. So are you curious how I can guide you or your students in this? Feel free to contact me by calling +31 (0)651122335 or email aafkeaalderink@yer.nl!

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