Mark van Bommel

Mark van Bommel

Business Unit Manager IT
IT, Management

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Mark van Bommel

IT & Digital at YER consists of the following disciplines;

1) Business/Information/Process management specialists; (ITIL/BiSL/ASL/SAfe)
2) Infra/Cloud (Azure/AWS/Office365/DevOps) & Security specialists
3) Software (JAVA /.Net/Front-end)/migration (Mulesoft, Biztalk, Websphere, etc) specialists and
4) BI, Data & Analytics specialists

Our vision is focus on high-end profiles within these disciplines, HBO/WO work-thinking level and/o relevant certification with a proven track record in their field. We also provide training for Young Professionals through our well-known Talent Development Programmes. We work as much as possible, not exclusively, with 'our own staff', i.e. employed by YER.

My team consists of experienced sales consultants and recruiters who focus on these disciplines. I believe in focus and know from experience that this is the best method. This allows me to offer our services across the full width of the IT spectrum and we can easily bridge the gap to Digital Marketing. Here the focus is on Digitization (SEO/SEA, Data and Technology), CX & Design (UX/UI, Testing, SEO/SEA, Product Design) and Tech & Engineering (Web/Mobile App, CX/UX Platforms)

It is my noble task to design and expand YER IT & Digital Interim solutions (deta/detavast and interim). My background is more than ten years of experience in the world of job placement, specifically focused on IT & Digital. I work closely with a wide variety of organizations and I closely follow future developments, such as the digitization of the market. As a trusted business partner, we think critically and provide independent advice in making the organization future-proof in the field of resources(ing). The expertise of my consultants in combination with the wide reach within the labor market and our data-driven media strategy is of added value for the quality of the match we make and the speed we can offer.

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