Bram Mutsaarts

Bram Mutsaarts

Senior Consultant
Engineering, Manufacturing, Research & Development, Quality & Safety, Procurement, Logistics, Management

+31 (0)88 937 11 00
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Bram Mutsaarts
Since 2009 I have been active as a Recruitment Specialist with a lot of passion, dedication and enthusiasm. Energetic and accessible personality who listens to client and candidate in order to be the bridge between both. My focus and network are based on clients and professionals within logistics, supply chain, production and process industry. Job categories range between operational roles to senior management positions. My added values are being creative in finding solutions, say what I do and do what I say and executing a thorough selection process to find and present the perfect candidate. For me, an assignment is comparable with a running contest, maximum effort and devotion are a must, failure or giving up are non-optional until the finish line has been crossed.

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