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Make a career in spatial planning

Temporary or permanent work aimed at designing the public space? Look no further than YER. Whether you have years of experience or are just starting out on your career, we have a wide range of jobs and assignments on offer in spatial planning, with which you can realize your ambitions.


Is your future in spatial planning? Partner with YER and achieve your goals

Permanent jobs and interim assignments for seniors and specialists, as well as jobs for new entrants and traineeships: YER offers an opportunity to work in your own way for all kinds and sizes of organizations in the social domain. Live up to your full potential by making smart use of the personal guidance, years of experience and the gigantic network that YER offers you in the field of spatial planning.

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Extensive network

Extensive network

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Focus on development

Focus on development

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Personal guidance

Personal guidance

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Our specializations

YER helps everyone find a job in spatial planning, from those looking for their first job to experienced specialists. For example, there are jobs in the areas of issuing licenses or advising on policy or legal issues. Look no further if you’re aspiring to be a project leader, program manager or case manager.

Our specializations in spatial planning:

  • Spatial planning
  • Environmental law
  • Civil engineering 

Thanks to our extensive contacts with public and private organizations, you’ll find the temporary or permanent position that matches your ambitions, or which you maybe hadn’t even considered up to now. Enjoy personal guidance, excellent terms of employment and extensive development opportunities, provided by consultants with many years of work experience in spatial planning.

Job openings in spatial planning

YER offers you challenging job opportunities in spatial planning at all levels, specializing in areas such as architecture, environmental law and civil engineering:

A few of the organizations our candidates work for:

Maximize your potential

YER is dynamic in every aspect. We make sure that you and your professional ambitions make an impact. 

  • YER for Students
  • YER for New entrants
  • YER for Professionals
  • YER for Executives
YER for students

Discover your ambitions

If you’re not sure yet how to bridge the gap between theory and practice, YER is happy to show you the way. YER wants to offer you prospects, and help you improve your chance of success on the job market. Show us that you want to stay ahead of the rest and discover what could be in store for you after graduation. 

Find out how YER helps students advance
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YER for new entrants

Explore your ambitions

Your ideal employer provides you with more opportunities. Which profile will best help strengthen your position on the job market? How can you broaden your horizons? With the right match, YER traineeships and our personal guidance, you’ll be way ahead of other new entrants on the job market after just one year. 

Find out how YER helps new entrants advance
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YER for Professionals

Give your ambitions room to grow

You don’t want to get stuck in a rut. You want to feel free to grow and develop further, with the peace of mind you get from stable employment. YER can help you get access to the most challenging employers to show what you and your expertise are worth. Your value will grow with each project. 

Find out how YER helps professionals advance
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YER for executives

Push your career limits

You have proven your knowledge and skills. Time for a new step forward. YER helps you find new challenges. We match you with the most ambitious clients, as an executive, manager or experienced specialist. You stay on top of your game, and move on to the next victory. 

Find out how YER helps executives advance
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Meet our consultants

YER’s consultants are specialists in the field, often with many years of experience in job placement and spatial planning. As a result, we know the tricks of the trade, we provide you with our industry-specific expertise, and we can quickly switch tracks thanks to our comprehensive networks. Thanks to their efforts, you’ll find your dream job in spatial planning without delay

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