LennertSluyk‘YER boasts a large network of potential employers.’

Lennert Sluyk
Teamleider Engineering, IHC Holland

We have known Lennert Sluyk since as far back as 2009. That year we were able to negotiate a permanent position for him at Huisman. A few years later, we again found ourselves talking to each other. Lennart indicated at the time that he was ready to take on a new challenge. And we were ready to help him for a second time! In no time at all, we had found him a suitable position at IHC Dredging.

Lennert on his work… 
‘At IHC Dredging, the engineering operations have merged, which means I am a member of a pool of team leaders. I am currently working on an on-board dredging installation for a ship. Within my team, I am responsible for all the engineering work. My job is to ensure that the technical drawings are delivered according to the specifications and I am responsible for the resources: do we have enough people or do we need more people with specific skills? I consult the engineering team and other team leaders from the Purchasing and Production Department, for example, about such matters on a daily basis.’

...and on YER
‘I had a positive experience with YER during the recruitment process for my previous job at Huisman – and I am extremely happy this time, too! I believe YER’s great advantage is their large network of potential employers. Since they were familiar with me and my requirements, they were quickly able to find me a match. We have now agreed that I will be working on a secondment basis for a certain period of time and that I will then be able to get a permanent job at IHC Dredging.’

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