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Plenty of room for ambition

Working in the automotive industry

Are you a driven automotive specialist who wants to apply your talents to the mobility issues of the future? We offer new entrants, professionals and executives challenging career prospects with the best clients and brands. View our latest job openings in this dynamic sector now, and set your ambitions in motion.

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For ambitious candidates

Whether you are looking for a permanent appointment, temporary employment or traineeship cut to your needs, we can connect you with leading organizations throughout the Netherlands. Our network is extensive, and we also put you in contact with employers that might not immediately spring to mind. Exploit your full potential under our expert guidance.

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Extensive network

Extensive network

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Focus on development

Focus on development

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Personal guidance

Personal guidance

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For every position

Our specializations

Develop your technical skills in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or embedded software, and find out what job is best for you. See your career take off in no time thanks to our efficient, personal coaching. Areas we specialize in: 

  • Product development: R&D, engineering, prototype building, validation & verification, project management, diagnostics
  • Industrialization: manufacturing & process engineering, supplier quality, after sales and product & process improvement

We offer job openings for engineers in specialist areas such as all-round design, automotive design, data analytics, calibration, embedded software, electronics, high-voltage installations, system & control, product development, product improvement, product lead, powertrain systems, project lead, vehicle and engine testing, system 7 control, vehicle control, and so on.

Other examples of job openings we have on offer: truck account manager, diagnostic robustness lead, engineering manager, mechanical expert, development engineer, project manager, system owner, and executive level management and board positions.

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A few of the organizations our candidates work for:

We are here for you

Ambition is the fuel driving your next step. We help you recognize ambition and set it in motion. This will take you farther than you ever thought possible. We are here for you throughout your career.

  • YER for Students
  • YER for New entrants
  • YER for Professionals
  • YER for Executives
YER for students


If you’re not sure yet how to bridge the gap between theory and practice, YER is happy to show you the way. YER wants to offer you prospects, and help you improve your chance of success on the job market. Show us that you want to stay ahead of the rest and discover what could be in store for you after graduation. 

Find out how YER helps students advance
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YER for new entrants

New entrants

Your ideal employer provides you with more opportunities. Which profile will best help strengthen your position on the job market? How can you broaden your horizons? With the right match, YER traineeships and our personal guidance, you’ll be way ahead of other new entrants on the job market after just one year. 

Find out how YER helps new entrants advance
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YER for professionals


You don’t want to get stuck in a rut. You want to feel free to grow and develop further, with the peace of mind you get from stable employment. YER can help you get access to the most challenging employers to show what you and your expertise are worth. Your value will grow with each project. 

Find out how YER helps professionals advance
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YER for executives


You have proven your knowledge and skills. Time for a new step forward. YER helps you find new challenges. We match you with the most ambitious clients, as an executive, manager or experienced specialist. You stay on top of your game, and move on to the next victory. 

Find out how YER helps executives advance
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Meet our consultants

Our consultants are specialized in the automotive industry. Many of them have practical experience in the industry, while others have been involved in job placement for years. Brainstorm with us about your real ambitions, and we’ll get things moving. You’ll find yourself landing the job of your life before you know it.

Ferry Heesakkers
In 2012, I finished my vocational course in HRM at a university of applied sciences and started working in job placement, where I’ve been...
Meet with Ferry
Dave Gielen
I’ve been working in job placement as a recruiter and key account manager since 2013. During my career, I’ve progressed to become...
Meet with Dave
Barry de Bruijn
I studied Commercial Economics, and I’ve been working in job placement since 2008. In 2015, I joined YER, where I’ve progressed from various...
Meet with Barry
Menno Hansen
I specialize in employment services for hands-on technicians in the regions of Eindhoven, North Brabant, Gelderland and North Limburg....
Meet with Menno
Lars den Ouden
After achieving a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, I concluded the preparation of my career pathway with a minor in...
Meet with Lars
Daphne Molenbroek
For my Master's in Communication Studies, I conducted research on LinkedIn job postings with the greatest appeal. Someone from YER...
Meet with Daphne
Samanta Jimenez
I joined YER as a recruiter in 2020 and have since progressed to key account manager and team lead electronics, embedded systems and IT....
Meet with Samanta
Dion Wagenaar
Since my start at YER, I have grown from recruiter and recruitment manager automotive to my current role as account manager mechatronics. I...
Meet with Dion
Marcel Sparreboom
I have a technical college degree in Civil Engineering, and I’ve been working in job placement since 2008. At YER, I focus on interim and...
Meet with Marcel
Daniël Gabay
After achieving a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, I moved straight to a position in recruitment. At YER since 2015, I’ve...
Meet with Daniël
Ambitious internationals

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