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Top professionals in spatial planning

YER is helping resolve the shortage of spatial planning personnel. If your needs have urgently changed because of new legislation or environmental laws, we can arrange complete teams for you. If you require specific expertise, we’re your link to trainees, new entrants, professionals, specialists and managers.

For every public organization

YER has been an expert in job placement since 1987, helping organizations in various areas, including government institutions, non-profits and the public sector. Our specialized consultants give you access to spatial planning networks replete with ambitious trainees, new entrants, professionals and executives. We work quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Icon Gespecialiseerde Ervaren Consultants
Specialized and experienced consultants

Specialized and experienced consultants

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Highly skilled professionals

Highly skilled professionals

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In-depth knowledge of the market

In-depth knowledge of the market

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Spatial planning

Our specializations

If your organization is looking for policy assistants, policy advisors, case managers, project leaders or experienced specialists, managers or board members in spatial planning, then YER is your partner. From trainees to seasoned seniors, our job placement services cover the following areas:

  • Spatial planning
  • Environmental law
  • Civil engineering 

Our consultants usually have years of work experience in spatial planning. As a result, we know your challenges and excel at swiftly resolving any recruitment issues you encounter.

Our services

YER consultants help candidates find jobs at every stage of their careers: from ambitious students and new entrants to experienced advisors, managers, and policymakers. In short, we connect you with motivated employees for every job level.  

Our services for spatial planning: 

  • Temporary employment 
  • Recruitment and selection 
  • Interim management 
  • Traineeships
Further information
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Successful matches in all kinds of areas, including:

Meet our consultants

Our team has acquired many years of work experience in job placement and the social sector. We know your field through and through, actively share our thoughts, and we’re able to adapt quickly. As a result, you’ll swiftly come into contact with the right professionals who can help your organization move forward.

Joris Huizinga
After various studies, I ventured into the field of job placement as a consultant, bringing with me a wealth of experience accumulated over...
Meet with Joris
Yordi Christ
I recently started working at YER as a Consultant Social Domain. As a Consultant, I am responsible for mediating professionals within...
Meet with Yordi
Amel Wolterink
In my role within the IT domain, I advise and support clients with the realization of projects so that objectives are achieved and the...
Meet with Amel
Nikita Retel Helmrich
With already 2 years of experience in recruitment, I started at YER in 2023 as a Consultant Mechatronics. I completed my bachelor's...
Meet with Nikita
Ernestine Simonis
Being in control in the fields of Finance and Information Technology (IT) is paramount for successful operations and decision-making....
Meet with Ernestine
Jeroen Tijssen
My job placement experience started with two rewarding years in the temporary employment sector. I then moved to YER, where I can be more...
Meet with Jeroen
Justin Dorst
After gaining my Bachelor's degree at the Hotel Management School in The Hague, I worked in banking for a number of years. In 2008, I...
Meet with Justin
Henk van Gastel
Ik heb technische bedrijfskunde, mechanical engineering en build environment gestudeerd. Met mijn opgedane kennis vervul ik nu vacatures in...
Meet with Henk
Milan Verschoor
After studying applied Commercial Economics at university level, I worked in various commercial and job placement positions before joining...
Meet with Milan
Kevin van Beest
I studied Accounting and since 2019, I’ve been working as a Finance Consultant focusing on areas such as private equity, venture capital,...
Meet with Kevin