StevenHaast‘Things went pretty quickly after my first contact with YER.’

Steven Haast
Werkvoorbereider, Visser & Smit Hanab

Steven Haast posted his CV online in September 2014. Since YER Technology’s consultants are constantly on the lookout for technical talent, they soon spotted him. Next came a pleasant interview – and then a perfect match with our client, Visser & Smit Hanab.

Steven on his work...
‘Visser & Smit Hanab (V&SH) is a specialist in the construction of pipelines and cables. As a Production Planner for the Drilling Business Unit, I’m assigned to projects where the client wants, for example, to create a new route and they need a solution for the crossing of roads and waterways without the use of trenches. V&SH is responsible for the construction of the entire route, and the Drilling Department is responsible for the construction of the boreholes. For V&SH I was deployed on projects small and large, both the Netherlands and in other countries. Recently, I was able to carry out a project in Norway with the drilling team. We constructed a number of boreholes there for, and in collaboration with, a local contractor, the purpose of which is to connect a few municipalities to a water treatment plant that is to be built.’

...and on YER
‘After posting my CV online, I was almost immediately contacted by YER. They offered me a suitable job at just the right time: a challenging role on both national and international projects. That really appealed to me! Things went pretty quickly after my first contact with YER. I’d never experienced anything of the sort before. I was invited for an interview within a few days and, a few days later, I joined Visser & Smit Hanab.’

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