JeroenMolenaar'I see YER Technology as a group of young and dynamic people.'

Jeroen Molenaar
Project Lead Engineer, DAF Trucks 

After studying Automotive Engineering at technical college, Jeroen Molenaar went to work for NedCar. Later, his career took an international turn, with positions at BMW, MAN Trucks and Daihatsu in Munich, Lexus in Brussels, and Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge in Cologne. In the meantime, he got married and started a family, which is why he wanted to return to the Netherlands. It made him the ideal candidate for the  Project Lead Engineer vacancy we had at DAF Trucks!

Jeroen on his work… 
'Together with a colleague I manage 26 people and am responsible for everything on and around the engine. It is an appealing job, since we must solve user problems as quickly as possible and directly incorporate the improvements at a basic level. In other words, we are dealing with both short and long-term planning simultaneously. What I also find very satisfying is the cooperation with all the different people in my team. I like to work with a diverse group and to motivate people. '

…andn on YER
'I see YER Technology as a group of young and dynamic people who are very pleasant to work with. If YER is able to help me with opportunities for professional development, that is something I will definitely take them up on. I wouldn't mind taking a project management course, for example, or getting involved with technical analysis and statistics. That would definitely benefit me in my work.'

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