AdrienJean“Career prospects are great when you work abroad”

Adrien Jean
Production Engineer Contamination Control, ASML

With a background in Materials Science, Adrien was a very interesting candidate. We contacted him via LinkedIn for his current role at ASML. We had employed him for over a year, when he was offered a permanent contract at ASML. This is a perfect example of the excellent career prospects open to ambitious professionals who work through us.

Adrien on his job:
My role is still the same as when I worked through YER. I work in one of the biggest cleanrooms in Europe, which indeed means working in the typical white suits you often see. My colleagues and I ensure the cleanroom works properly and that the machines assembled inside do not get contaminated. A lot of things are considered to be contamination for ASML. We distinguish two kinds of contamination: particles, dust for example, and chemicals. I work in an international department and I am therefore frequently in contact with Engineers in the US and Asia, and suppliers from all over the world. The big advantage of working in the Netherlands is the opportunity to further your career. Back home it may take twice as long to be assigned as many responsibility as I currently have.

..and on YER:
“I came to the Netherlands purely for this position at ASML. I was working before in Germany and YER Technology was looking for someone with the right skills and expertise for this particular position. I remember my first meeting with my YER Technology consultant being very friendly and professional. They helped me prepare for my interview at ASML, and advised me on the questions ASML would ask. YER also helped me with paperwork and practical matters, such as registering at the town hall, filling in tax returns or finding a rental house. My 1-year contract through YER was renewed in November 2014. A few months later ASML had a vacancy with a permanent contract and I was then offered to join the company directly.”

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