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Professionals for the social domain

YER is helping reduce staff shortages at organizations in the social domain. In times of need, such as when laws or regulations change, we’re on hand to help with motivated team members. For specific expertise, we match you with trainees, new entrants, experienced professionals, specialists and managers from our large network.

For every public organization

YER has been an expert in job placement since 1987, helping organizations in various areas, including government institutions, non-profits and the public sector. Our specialized consultants give you access to networks bursting with ambitious trainees, new entrants, professionals and executives. We work quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Icon Gespecialiseerde Ervaren Consultants
Specialized and experienced consultants

Specialized and experienced consultants

Gespecialiseerde en ervaren consultants Play the video
Icon Sterk Ontwikkelde Professionals
Highly skilled professionals

Highly skilled professionals

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Icon Diepgaande Kennis Van De Markt
In-depth knowledge of the market

In-depth knowledge of the market

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Our specializations

YER is your organization’s partner if you’re looking for client managers, policymakers and executives, back-office staff, quality assistants and more in the broad social domain. In areas such asthose covered by the Dutch Youth Act, Participation Act and Social Support Act, we provide employment services in the following areas:

  • Back office
  • Executive consultants
  • Policy
  • Quality
  • Legal
  • Project management
  • Management 

YER consultants usually have years of work experience in the social domain. As a result, we know your challenges, and we excel at swiftly resolving any recruitment issues you encounter.

Our services

Our team of specialists provides comprehensive support to individuals at every stage of their career journey, from ambitious students and new entrants to experienced advisors, managers, and policymakers. In short, we connect you with motivated employees for every job level.  

Our services for the social domain: 

  • Temporary employment 
  • Recruitment and selection 
  • Interim management 
  • Traineeships
Further information
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These partners preceded you:

Meet our consultants

Our social domain team has years of work experience in job placement and the social sector. We know your field through and through, actively share our thoughts, and we’re able to adapt quickly. It’s the rapid way for you to find the professional who will help your organization.

Ninjo Koenders
I have served in a variety of roles in the past, and have worked as a recruitment consultant since 2020. This means I have the experience to...
Meet with Ninjo
Arjan Post
I formerly worked in technology and trained as an instructor. As a social and candid consultant who loves learning, I work every day at YER...
Meet with Arjan
Rolf Weijnand
In 2016, I switched to recruitment where I’ve exploited my knowledge of IT. With my persistent approach aimed at achieving goals and...
Meet with Rolf
Rob Engels
After earning my Master in Commercial Economics, I gained international work experience heading up a sales and marketing department. I’ve...
Meet with Rob
Jesse Zwager
My degree in Commercial Economics meant I could go in any direction, but I soon realized that what I really enjoy is working with people....
Meet with Jesse
Teddy van den Broek
During my communications studies, I gained work experience at a robotics company and an IT software company. I noticed that I was...
Meet with Teddy
Osman Ural
As an individual, I am direct and results-oriented, driven by achieving tangible goals. My preference for teamwork stems from a belief in...
Meet with Osman
Marrit Rienks
Since 2020, I have been working for YER in the field of IT. With my positive mindset, open attitude, and genuine interest, I am able to...
Meet with Marrit
Rob Simons
At YER, I place candidates in roles related to the supply chain, including the manufacturing industry, FMCG and food processing. By asking...
Meet with Rob