Market developments or changing job requirements can cause your employees to become redundant. As an employer, you naturally want to help your departing personnel find new jobs. A replacement track offers a solution for both parties.

A replacement or outplacement track gives participants more self-insight and helps them discover (or rediscover) the proper motivation. We also devote attention to making a well-informed decision and personal plan for the future. As a recruitment agency, we are an excellent sparring partner with respect to the practical aspects of finding new employment. Better than anyone else, we know what goes on in different sectors and job areas. YER has an extensive network and we offer access to challenging job openings across the country which suit the ambitions of your departing employee. Together, we outline the path to a new job.

Replacement tracks are always customised to your needs. The duration and focus can vary. In addition to supervision from a coach, the track can also include assessments and targeted training. We would be happy to draw up a customised proposal for you based on an intake interview.

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