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For every position

The right candidate for the infrastructure sector

Are you looking to rapidly expand your team with technical talent who excel in delivering high-quality solutions for Dutch infrastructure? Specialists in building and repairing roads, or constructing bridges? Experts in terms of safety and certifications? Then we’ve got the answer to all your recruitment needs.

For ambitious organizations

We’re the point of contact with which every infrastructure company can entrust their recruitment tasks. Our experience covers every area: not just multinationals, private equity firms, family businesses and startups, but also organizations in the public sector. In addition to individual job openings, we can help you with the recruitment of entire teams and divisions. We connect you to an extensive network of young, highly educated talent, driven professionals and experienced executives.

Icon Gespecialiseerde Ervaren Consultants
Specialized and experienced consultants

Specialized and experienced consultants

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Icon Sterk Ontwikkelde Professionals
Highly skilled professionals

Highly skilled professionals

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In-depth knowledge of the market

In-depth knowledge of the market

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Our specializations

Many of our consultants have industry experience, while others have been working in job placement for years. We understand your needs and help you figure out how to meet them. Areas we specialize in:

  • Advice/Consultancy
  • Engineering
  • Design, design coordination and design management
  • Project leadership and project management
  • Traineeships for professionals with up to 2 years of work experience
  • Execution
  • Work preparation, project coordination, contract coordination

Examples of some jobs in our portfolio: project leader, project manager, work planner, engineer, logistics support center assistant, product manager, deployment support data engineer, management and board positions at the executive level, and more. We can also connect you with the right candidate if you’re looking for finance or IT professionals with know-how of the infrastructure sector. 

For every recruitment challenge

Our services

Our various clients services are subdivided to suit your organizational needs. Candidate contract types vary according to service to guarantee you will find the right candidate for your job opening. Our services include: 

  • Temporary employment 
  • Recruitment and selection 
  • Interim management 
  • Traineeships 
Further information
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Meet our consultants

Our team is comprised of a mix of consultants, united by their passion. We’re the agile, flexible sparring partner that offers expert advice. As a result, you can rapidly expect to meet the right specialist who can help realize all your ambitions. 

Nick Korf
Before I started at YER, I worked for two years as an intermediary at an employment agency. In my role as recruitment consultant at YER, I...
Meet with Nick
Gideon Gabay
After completing my Small Business & Retail Management program, I worked as an account manager in various sectors for several years....
Meet with Gideon
Kelly Bosch
As a Talent Specialist, my focus lies on helping students prepare themselves for the job market. I listen to their interests and needs, and...
Meet with Kelly
Joep Westerwoudt
I’ve been working at YER as a consultant specializing in marketing, communication and sales since 2021. My knowledge of marketing trends,...
Meet with Joep
Ernestine Simonis
Being in control in the fields of Finance and Information Technology (IT) is paramount for successful operations and decision-making....
Meet with Ernestine
Anne Sanders
After studying event management, I started working in job placement in 2020. As a talent acquisition specialist, I met more than 2,500...
Meet with Anne
Andjelko Micic
I have a degree in Sports Management and since 2018, I’ve worked in temporary roles as an account manager, senior account manager and sales...
Meet with Andjelko
Chris Barros
As an enthusiastic and social Recruitment Consultant with one year of experience at the secondment agency YER, I am driven to achieve the...
Meet with Chris
Joey Reimert
After studying business at a university of applied sciences, I entered the job placement sector for technical personnel in 2018. In this...
Meet with Joey