You have properly qualified staff, but – just like in professional sports – targeted ongoing development is important if you want to excel. It is therefore essential to invest in the quality of your human capital. We offer training courses to both large and small organisations. In these courses, we focus on specific competencies or a broader theme to improve the ability of your personnel to recognise and adapt their own behaviour. In this way, your employees will be of even greater value to your organisation.

Our training courses are always customised to your needs. The goal of these courses is to teach your personnel to consciously implement more effective behaviour to optimise their performance and effectively influence their environment. Our courses are designed for both managers and non-managers in commercial or staff positions.

Based on a comprehensive intake interview, we put together a training programme that is perfectly suited to the participants. Common course themes include:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Interaction
  • Leadership
  • Cooperation

The core of our approach is ‘experiential learning’. Instead of only learning theory, participants also receive very practical training through personal experience. Where necessary, we use practical simulations. What’s more, other exercises and activities, as well as the group dynamic, provide interesting – and sometimes confrontational – opportunities to learn with and from one another. Upon completing the course, your personnel will recognise the advantage of changing their behaviour and have the tools to continue implementing this behaviour in practice and actively working on personal growth.

The duration and costs of a training course depend on your objectives. We would be happy to prepare a customised offer for you.

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