As a potential employer, it is important to have a clear view of a candidate’s skills. You want to be able to build a balanced team of complementary individuals, and make judicious decisions on staff appointments, development and promotion. Assessments are an excellent tool for gaining insight into and evaluating a person’s skills. On request, we can conduct candidate assessments.

We provide customised solutions and take a personal and unbiased approach in assessment programmes and reports. Each assessment starts with an intake to discuss the central requirements and identify crucial competencies. In order to ensure optimal alignment with your wishes, YER applies various assessment modules that each test a candidate's intellectual capabilities, personality features and behaviours in a different way. During the intake the client and YER also agree on the reporting method to be applied.

Assessments may last from a few hours up to two days. The assessment will result in a clear report and concrete recommendation, to be issued within one to five working days.

All our assessments are performed under the responsibility of psychologists certified by the NIP (Dutch Association of Psychologists), and using validated and reliable testing tools. The costs of the assessment depend on its duration and your objectives. We would be happy to prepare a customised offer for you.

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