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Project-based and temp-to-perm

All about temporary employment

As a professional, you want the freedom to shape your career the way you envision it. Temporary employment gives you this flexibility. Get started working on a project basis and gain experience with several organizations. Or go for temp-to-perm for the chance to get to know an employer before you take a position with them. Project-based and temp-to-perm

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Choose your career path

As a YER temporary employee, you are employed by us. We put you in touch with the best organizations and act as your personal career coach. You have the choice of three contract forms: 

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Project secondment

Project secondment

You are temporarily connected to a project at one of our clients. After the agreed minimum period has expired, you can extend the collaboration, take up permanent employment or start with a new client.

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You work for one of our clients for a secondment period of one to three years. After the agreed minimum period you have the choice to enter permanent employment.

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We link entrepreneurs and freelancers to an extensive network of leading organizations. With a recognized model agreement, we shape your employment relationship in the right way.

We set the contract terms of your position beforehand, and match the terms the client offers to its own employees. We also regularly evaluate your progress and make adjustments as needed. This provides clarity up front, direction along the way and prevents miscommunications.

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Here’s how we can help you

Your professional ambitions are at the heart of everything we do. Depending on the agreements with our clients, we make every effort to help you achieve them. These are the benefits of temporary employment with YER:

  • We are the ultimate one-stop shop for the right career choice: in just one interview, you’ll learn all about a variety of jobs and organizations 
  • Our specialized consultants will help you translate your ambitions into the most suitable positions
  • If you’re happy in your position, you always have the possibility to secure a permanent position with the client
  • Please contact our service desk with all your practical questions
  • You’ll get the opportunity to work at several different companies to get a better idea of what is suitable for you, gaining work experience in the process
  • If the match isn’t optimal for any reason, you can rely on our network and expertise to help you take the next step

Frequently asked questions about temporary employment

Do you have other questions about temporary employment? If so, please contact, your consultant. 

If you are employed on a temporary basis through YER, you enter into an employment contract with us. We place you with clients in our network, but you are employed by YER.

You are entitled to the same terms of employment as colleagues in comparable positions employed directly by the client. You may also benefit from terms of employment offered by YER, such as coaching, training and masterclasses. The specific terms and conditions will depend on the contract and the industry in which you work. Your YER consultant will be happy to go through all the possibilities with you in person.

Yes, this is a distinct possibility. After working through YER for the agreed period, it is often possible for you to transfer to the client. Or you stay with YER and start working on a new project. Our consultants will be happy to tell you more about the different contracts and scenarios.

This varies from one project to another. You can work for long periods as well as shorter ones. On average, projects last a year and a half, but this varies depending on the field and the industry. To find out more about the opportunities available to you, request an exploratory meeting with a consultant in your professional field.

Yes, in many cases this is possible. At the end of your temporary contract(s), you can transfer to the client or accept another temporary contract from YER. Our professionals are increasingly choosing temp-to-perm placements. This means that at the end of the agreed minimum temporary employment period, you will be employed by the client.

No. As a professional employed on a temporary basis through YER, your salary will equal or exceed the salary for comparable positions employed directly by the organization. The fee agreements between the client and YER do not affect your salary.


YER recruitment services save organizations a great deal of time and effort. They benefit from our extensive network of talented professionals and our ability to quickly find the right fit for them. This means they can afford to employ professionals like you on a temporary basis.

If you are employed on a temporary basis through YER, we pay your salary because you are actually employed by us.

Your salary is paid into your bank account at the end of each month.

No, an organization cannot fire a professional employed on a temporary basis more easily or more quickly than other employees. You have exactly the same rights as other employees. The same notice periods apply.

Meet our consultants

On average, our consultants have more than five years of experience in job placement and/or extensive knowledge of your specialized field and the latest trends. This unique combination ensures clear communication, making us the perfect career coaches for ambitious professionals.

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