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Get to work with ambitious new entrants


Are you looking for challenging traineeship trajectories for ambitious new minds? Would you like to connect with juniors and secure long-term relationships for your organization? Our industry-specific and tailored traineeships ensure collaborations with talented starters, enriching your organization in the long run.

For ambitious organizations

Our traineeships can help you lay the foundation for a lasting workforce, whether you are a large or small organization, or just need one or more new entrants. Our large national network puts you into contact with ambitious juniors. Our Talent Development Programs, or targeted work-study programs, can help them quickly grow to become young professionals who generate high returns. The numbers don’t lie: after completing their training program, 95% of our trainees are offered positions in the organization where they gained their work experience.

Icon Gespecialiseerde Ervaren Consultants
Specialized and experienced consultants

Specialized and experienced consultants

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Icon Sterk Ontwikkelde Professionals
Highly skilled professionals

Highly skilled professionals

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In-depth knowledge of the market

In-depth knowledge of the market

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For a rapid influx of talent

Our approach

How do you reach talented entry-level applicants and get them excited about your organization? What motivates them and how can you ensure they’ll want to stay at your organization longer? 

Our traineeships enable you to reach, develop and retain top young talent for the long term. Once we have gathered the content of the Talent Development Program based on your recruitment needs, we select the most suitable candidates. After they start, you will have the opportunity to get to know each other well over a period of two years. YER assumes the entire employer risk since the candidate is technically employed by us. We also take all the work involved in the personal development program and individual coaching off your hands.

At the end of the traineeship, you have the option of offering the candidate a permanent position.

Getting started with top talent

Choose your TDP

Based on the recruitment needs in your organization, we will work with you to map out the best way to align the traineeship with your goals. Our specialists work out a targeted Talent Development Program, where you can choose from two pathways: 

  • Industry-specific
  • Customized

Our consultants are happy to submit a proposal to you for a customized or industry-specific traineeship. The goal: provide your organization with rapidly growing talent so you can focus on what you do best and achieve your goals.

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Find your industry

We offer Talent Development Programs for a multitude of industries, from the public sector and IT to engineering and construction. We are active in the following industries:

The stages of our collaboration

Step 1 of 5
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Identification of the client’s recruitment needs

Step 2 of 5
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Choice of the existing Talent Development Program or a tailored version, determination of program content

Step 3 of 5
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Selecting of starters and initial interviews supervised by YER

Step 4 of 5
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The trainee is seconded to the client for a period of two years, with periodic progress reviews supervised by YER

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The trainee is offered a permanent contract by the client

Meet our consultants

Our experienced specialists know your industry extensively. Using this knowledge, we provide realistic and pragmatic advice about our traineeships and, if necessary, actively test your assumptions, always targeting the most sustainable matches between your organization and ambitious starters within our network.

Overview of consultants
Carly Teunissen
After studying Communications and Multimedia Design, I accepted a position at YER as a talent acquisition recruiter. My focus is on junior...
Meet with Carly
Kim Steenkamp
I earned a Masters in Social & Organizational Psychology, and I’ve been working in job placement since 2007. I joined YER in 2011, where...
Meet with Kim
Andjelko Micic
I have a degree in Sports Management and since 2018, I’ve worked in temporary roles as an account manager, senior account manager and sales...
Meet with Andjelko
Denny Molenaar
After 17 years of work as a logistics manager, I accepted a job at YER in 2021 as Logistics and Supply Chain Team Lead. My network considers...
Meet with Denny
Aleksandar Dimitric
I studied International Business & Languages, and people view me as honest, clear, cooperative, social and pragmatic, both...
Meet with Aleksandar
Toine Joosten
With years of experience in job placement in the legal field, at YER I fill permanent and interim positions for lawyers and attorneys, from...
Meet with Toine
Ruben Noten
In 2018, I joined YER's mechanical engineering team as a recruitment consultant. I’ve since taken the step to become a business...
Meet with Ruben
Julian Smits
I studied Public Administration, and obtained my Master's in Public Sector Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since then,...
Meet with Julian
Jesper Smolders
After years of managing the recruitment policy of commercial and financial departments at various organizations, I changed sides in 2019...
Meet with Jesper
Bram Mutsaarts
I’ve been working with passion and enthusiasm as a recruitment specialist since 2009. My focus area is professionals and organizations in...
Meet with Bram