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Shortcut to efficiency

YER Take-Off

Want to get off to a successful start with your new employee or work more successfully with your team? The personalized coaching program YER Take-Off will help you accelerate effective and successful team efforts in your organization.

For an effective team

YER Take-Off speeds up the onboarding process for a new employee and supports the development of your team. The program is based on the DISC method. This is a model that makes behavioral and communication patterns visible through personality analysis. The method is suitable for new and existing employees, and entire (management) teams.You’ll work with our certified coaches to identify how to optimally align intra-team communication and raise team productivity. These insights will help you get the most out of your collaboration.

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Accelerated introduction
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More efficient collaboration
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Better use of talent


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Maximize your employees’ potential

Our approach

What is the preferred behavior for your new employee? Which communication styles are present in your team? What do my employees need to perform better? Thanks to the DISC analysis insights, you can get right to the heart of the matter.

After a new employee starts, our coaches perform the analysis as soon as possible. A comprehensive report will follow within a few weeks. After three months, we evaluate progress and discuss any areas for improvement. You can also request a personal coaching program for managers or an entire team. These programs provide each participant with an easy-to-understand report.

YER Take-Off is not a selection tool or assessment method, but provides useful tips to maximize collaborations. You will contribute to your employees’ personal and professional development and help new potential flourish.


The stages of the process

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The candidate signs the employment contract and starts working for the organization

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Icon Eerstegesprek

A coach schedules a DISC assessment sometime in the first two weeks

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Icon Voorbereidensollicitatiegesprek

The new employee’s DISC profile is analyzed

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Icon Tweedegesprek

The coach discusses the results with the new employee and the client

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Progress review after the candidate has been working for the organization for three months

Meet our coaches

YER Take-Off staff are consultants trained as certified coaches. They perform the analyses, support you throughout the program, and are your regular point of contact.

Rinke Dolfsma
I’ve been working in job placement since the start of my career. My first job was in job placement at Randstad, followed by a stint as an...
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Elke Kesnich
As a Senior Consultant at YER Executive, I mainly focus on the mediation of professionals for (Senior) HR, Management & Executive...
Meet with Elke
Kim Steenkamp
I earned a Masters in Social & Organizational Psychology, and I’ve been working in job placement since 2007. I joined YER in 2011, where...
Meet with Kim
Céline Landman
I studied Psychology at the UvA, I’m DISC certified, and I have five years of experience in conducting assessments. Since 2015, I’ve been...
Meet with Céline
Rob Engels
After earning my Master in Commercial Economics, I gained international work experience heading up a sales and marketing department. I’ve...
Meet with Rob
Marie-José van Riel
I’ve acquired more than 25 years of experience in job placement. During this time, I’ve helped multiple organizations and candidates realize...
Meet with Marie-José