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For over 25 years, YER has been market leader  at recruiting and selecting highly qualified professionals. We have a considerable track record, having filled thousands of positions to the clients' satisfaction and guiding scores of ambitious candidates in taking a great new career step. We are capable of coming up with a suitable solution to your specific recruitment needs, in every sector and every job area. Our service knows no bounds: we operate at a regional, national and international level. Whether you are looking for a starting professional, a specialist, manager or director, we recruit and select the best candidate on the market.


Proven success

A detailed job and competency profile forms the basis for our search, with the profile criteria being used to analyse the market. We then proceed to contact, select and carefully screen the candidates. If desired, we can also perform candidate assessments. You are informed of the progress at each stage of the selection process, from the comprehensive intake interview up to the evaluation after starting employment. This approach has resulted in a considerable track record of placements.


Specialised consultants

An engaged team of specialised consultants lies at the core of YER's success. We put you in touch with a consultant who is knowledgeable about your specific field. This knowledge, combined with an average of over five years' experience in employment services, makes our consultants fully equipped to address your recruitment needs. They draw on their knowledge and focus to translate your recruitment needs into a suitable solution and present you with the best candidates on the market.


Flexible and clear agreements

We would be happy to draw up a proposal detailing your recruitment needs and our approach. Key features of this proposal are innovative pricing and a good guarantee scheme. Our greatest aim is high quality and absolute satisfaction. Regular consultation ensures optimal collaboration. We strive to maintain a lasting and transparent relationship.


Extensive reach

Based on the profile provided, we advise an integrated combination of media, search and our powerful network. Our advice is predicated on continuing to look at which recruitment tools provide you with the best results. An optimal mix of tools allows us to reach active, latent and passive candidates. This approach significantly increases the likelihood of a quick and successful placement. We reach the candidates who meet and exceed your expectations.


Short turn-around times

It is important that your opening is quickly filled to ensure the growth or continuity of your organisation. Recruitment and selection is in our DNA; thanks to our years of experience and structured processes, we can provide staffing within 4 to 6 weeks on average. A faster turn-around time is naturally also possible. Depending on the importance and scarcity of the profile, we can work together to determine the appropriate timetable.

Our disciplines

  • Sales, marketing & communications
  • Logistics, procurement & quality
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • HR & support
  • Agro, food & pharma

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