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We are capable of coming up with a suitable solution to your specific recruitment needs in every sector and every job area. Our service knows no bounds: we operate at a regional, national and international level. Whether you are looking for a starting professional, a specialist, a manager or a director for either a temporary or permanent position, we recruit and select the best candidate on the market.

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filling all of your temporary vacancies

Does your organisation have a demand for flexible workers? Do you need extra capacity or specific knowledge for a particular project? Are you looking for short or long-term replacements? We will provide the perfect candidate for all of your temporary vacancies or projects.

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Our specialisations

We assign many hundreds of professionals to the below sectors, although we are more than capable of providing assistance in other sectors.

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Our certified specialists either work in the financial sector or in financial roles in business and industry.
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Our flexible professionals are fully informed of the developments within the public sector.
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Our certified specialists either work in the financial sector or in financial roles in business and industry.
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Supply Chain 

Our professionals have experience in designing, planning and managing complex flows of goods.
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We recruit highly educated lawyers and jurists with experience in the legal profession and/or business.
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We recruit qualified professionals who contribute to the optimization of your IT processes.
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Sales & Marketing

We recruit dedicated sales professionals who contribute to the growth and development of your sales.
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Our professionals are experienced and certified specialists who enjoy working in a dynamic and changeable environment.
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We recruit ambitious professionals who have experience in complex projects. 
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filling all of your permanent vacancies

Are you looking to fill a permanent vacancy? We specialise in the recruitment and selection of well-educated professionals in many different stages of their career (from ambitious starters to experienced directors). We enthusiastically share our expertise in order to find the ideal candidate.

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Our disciplines

We provide expertise in the following disciplines:


  • Sales, marketing & communications
  • Finance
  • Logistics, procurement & quality
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Legal
  • HR & support
  • Agro, food & pharma

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