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Flexible placement of the right professional

Temporary employment

Do you need extra capacity fast because of peak period demand? Are you looking for specific expertise for a project, or the right replacement for an employee? We put you in touch with talented professionals who will work for you, in our employ.

For ambitious organizations

Our temporary employment solutions enable you to maintain control of your human capital. Our extensive network of highly skilled candidates consists of relevant and available professionals who can be quickly put to work on short- and long-term projects. For local and national public companies, large corporations, family businesses, SMEs, startups and scale-ups. Our consultants are happy to answer all your recruitment questions. The goal: transparency, speed and lasting relationships with you, the client.

Icon Gespecialiseerde Ervaren Consultants
Specialized and experienced consultants

Specialized and experienced consultants

Gespecialiseerde en ervaren consultants Play the video
Icon Sterk Ontwikkelde Professionals
Highly skilled professionals

Highly skilled professionals

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Icon Diepgaande Kennis Van De Markt
In-depth knowledge of the market

In-depth knowledge of the market

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Fill temporary job openings fast

Our approach

Finding the right professional can be a real quest. How do you find and reach your target audience? How do you select the right candidates and know whether their qualities are aligned with your goals?

Our specialists help you respond quickly to the dynamics in your organization and the market. We identify the business challenges and corresponding recruitment needs. Thanks to our modern data-driven search tools and targeted media campaigns, we reach the right target audience. Our daily contact with professionals means we can proactively propose candidates.

We guide the recruitment process from start to finish, and take away your worries. Transparent, results-oriented and efficient. Our temporary employment solutions give you long-term security and enable you to respond appropriately to every new development.

Getting started as a temporary employee

Contract types

We offer the following types of temporary contracts: 

  • Temporary employment: the temporary hiring of a professional employed by YER. At the end of the agreed minimum period, you say your farewells, renew the contract, or take over the professional’s employment contract.
  • Temp-to-perm: the temporary employment of a professional who becomes your permanent employee after the pre-agreed employment period. The duration of this contract depends on the services agreed upon.
  • Freelancers: YER connects you with professionals who work in a self-employed or freelance capacity. We use a recognized model contract that shapes the employment relationship in the desired manner.

We lay out the terms of each type of contract in advance. We also regularly evaluate the candidate’s progress. This provides clarity up front, direction along the way and prevents miscommunications.

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The stages of our collaboration

Step 1 of 5
Icon Eerstegesprek

Identification of objectives and definition of recruitment needs

Step 2 of 5
Icon Selectieproces

Presentation of suitable professionals

Step 3 of 5
Icon Tweedegesprek

Round(s) of interviews with professionals supervised by YER

Step 4 of 5
Icon Contracttekenen

Agreement of predefined conditions

Step 5 of 5
Icon Onlinesollicitatiegesprek

Discussion of progress and contract extension or transfer of the professional

Find your industry

We know the challenges every type of organization faces and act as an intermediary in a multitude of fields in the public, non-profit and profit sectors.

Meet our consultants

Our team consists of advisers with a background in the field they are active in, or simply with many years of experience in job placement. We offer industry-specific expertise, give realistic advice, and take fast action. We do this to create lasting matches between your organization and ambitious professionals from our network as fast as possible.  

Overview of consultants
Tom Heg
I graduated with a master’s in Occupational and Organizational Psychology and have served as a consultant for human capital companies since...
Meet with Tom
Bram Dwars
I started working at YER in 2021 immediately after completing my Bachelor’s in Commercial Economics & Sports Marketing. I’m specialized...
Meet with Bram
Esther Bruijns - Ollefers
I’ve recruited candidates in the social sectors since 2014, which has enabled me to build an extensive network in the regions of South...
Meet with Esther
Freek Westerveld
After completing a university course in applied Commercial Economics and Sports Marketing, I gained several years of work experience before...
Meet with Freek
Stefan Kauffeld
Having gained a degree in Human Resource Management, I embarked on my career in job placement at YER. As an account manager with clients in...
Meet with Stefan
Peter Jeurissen
With an academic background in Commercial Economics and job placement experience since 1989, I help financial, technical and general...
Meet with Peter
Roy Vos
I’ve been working in mediating professionals since 2008. In 2017, I joined YER, where as a recruitment lead I focus on matches between...
Meet with Roy
Samuel Huver
I have a background in human resource management and have been working as a recruitment consultant at YER since 2022. If you are a (newly...
Meet with Samuel
Kevin van Beest
I studied Accounting and since 2019, I’ve been working as a Finance Consultant focusing on areas such as private equity, venture capital,...
Meet with Kevin

A few of the organizations our candidates work for: