WoutervanGogh'YER ensures contact between the seconded staff.'

Wouter van Goch
Functioneel Test Engineer, DAF Trucks

Wouter van Goch acquired a broad technical background by studying Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. For his final project he conducted research on waste heat recovery. His broad background was why we approached him about vacancies at both TNO and DAF. He chose DAF, where he had already done a work placement.

Wouter on his work...
I supervise the functional testing of MX11 engines. The engine is outfitted with conversion parts and measuring points and then tested according to specific protocol in the testing cell. Next, the full set of measuring points are processed and all of the defects and points of improvement are tackled in cooperation with the design engineer. The final product is a report in which I summarise all of my findings.'

…and on YER
'YER Technology helped me overhaul my CV and prepared me well for my interview at DAF. They mediated the process and put my skills in the spotlight at DAF.  What I also like about YER Technology is that they work to ensure contact between the seconded staff themselves. I have been to communication meetings twice now and enjoyed meeting colleagues of mine who are working at other companies in the region. Recently there was a lecturer from Eindhoven University of Technology who had a fascinating story on the effects of aerodynamics on the performance of professional cyclists. I can put that to good use!'

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