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Plenty of room for ambition

Working in construction

Are you an expert in the development, renovation and maintenance of construction projects? Are you an expert in tendering procedures and regulations regarding sustainability? Get to know our large network of innovative engineering firms, contractors and real estate parties. Whether a new entrant or senior leader, YER will give you all the freedom you need to realize your ambitions.

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For ambitious candidates

Kickstart your career with a practical traineeship. Gain experience as a temporary employee at various employers, or share your expertise as a specialized interim manager and help organizations move forward. Our expert coaching and extensive network will enable you to discover your potential, and flourish in your career.

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Extensive network

Extensive network

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Focus on development

Focus on development

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Personal guidance

Personal guidance

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For every position

Our specializations

Our consultants will be only too happy to talk to you personally to unearth your strengths. We know the industry inside out, and have experience with candidates of every level.The areas in which we specialize in existing buildings:

  • Daily Maintenance and Interim Maintenance Work
  • Renovation
  • Transformation
  • Sustainability

Examples of our job openings: project leader, calculator, tender manager, contract manager, project manager, planner, service coordinator, foreperson, work planner and organizer, commercial manager, procurement officer, cost expert, and management and board positions at executive level.

If you want to work in residential or non-residential construction, we’ve also got some amazing opportunities at top-level companies.

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Explore our job opportunities

We mediate for every type of organization within the profit and public sector. For multinationals, large family businesses, startups and scale-ups, but also for government institutions and semi-public organizations.

A few of the organizations our candidates work for:

We are here for you

Ambition is the fuel driving your next step. We help you recognize ambition and set it in motion. This will take you farther than you ever thought possible. We are here for you throughout your career.

  • YER for Students
  • YER for New entrants
  • YER for Professionals
  • YER for Executives
YER for students


If you’re not sure yet how to bridge the gap between theory and practice, YER is happy to show you the way. YER wants to offer you prospects, and help you improve your chance of success on the job market. Show us that you want to stay ahead of the rest and discover what could be in store for you after graduation. 

Find out how YER helps students advance
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YER for new entrants

New entrants

Your ideal employer provides you with more opportunities. Which profile will best help strengthen your position on the job market? How can you broaden your horizons? With the right match, YER traineeships and our personal guidance, you’ll be way ahead of other new entrants on the job market after just one year. 

Find out how YER helps new entrants advance
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YER for professionals


You don’t want to get stuck in a rut. You want to feel free to grow and develop further, with the peace of mind you get from stable employment. YER can help you get access to the most challenging employers to show what you and your expertise are worth. Your value will grow with each project. 

Find out how YER helps professionals advance
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YER for executives


You have proven your knowledge and skills. Time for a new step forward. YER helps you find new challenges. We match you with the most ambitious clients, as an executive, manager or experienced specialist. You stay on top of your game, and move on to the next victory. 

Find out how YER helps executives advance
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Meet our consultants

Our consultants are specialists in the construction industry. Many of our consultants have a professional background, while others have years of experience in recruitment. We actively contribute with in-depth insights and switch gears rapidly. You’ll find yourself landing the job of your life before you know it.

Céline Landman
I studied Psychology at the UvA, I’m DISC certified, and I have five years of experience in conducting assessments. Since 2015, I’ve been...
Meet with Céline
Jordy Veld
After studying Sports & Economics at a university of applied sciences, I started working in job placement in 2020, with 18 months...
Meet with Jordy
Sherry Kindo Kamara
Having embarked on my career as a recruitment consultant in 2019, I have been specializing in process engineering at YER since 2021. Gaining...
Meet with Sherry
Alroy Lamaitre
My studies included a degree in Commercial Economics. Before joining YER in 2022, I worked in recruitment for 4 years in the construction...
Meet with Alroy
Jurjen Riegman
In 2016, I joined YER as a senior consultant with a focus on infrastructure and energy. With my substantial experience in job placement, I...
Meet with Jurjen
Dagmar Schenkel
Since May 2015, I’ve been using my boundless energy and enthusiasm to advise and recruit professionals, with an emphasis on the...
Meet with Dagmar
Peter Jeurissen
With an academic background in Commercial Economics and job placement experience since 1989, I help financial, technical and general...
Meet with Peter
Annelies Vergeer
As a studious, driven and enthusiastic person, finding a good match between a client and candidate uplifts me. It's great to see someone...
Meet with Annelies
Bram Mutsaarts
I’ve been working with passion and enthusiasm as a recruitment specialist since 2009. My focus area is professionals and organizations in...
Meet with Bram
Marcel Sparreboom
I have a technical college degree in Civil Engineering, and I’ve been working in job placement since 2008. At YER, I focus on interim and...
Meet with Marcel