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Does your organisation have a demand for flexible workers? Do you need extra capacity or specific knowledge for a particular project? Are you looking for short or long-term replacements? Our specialists are living proof that flexibility and quality can go hand in hand. We would be happy to help you figure out how to best satisfy your recruitment needs.


Proven success

For over 25 years, YER has been active in the recruitment and placement of highly qualified candidates. We have a proven track record, built up by successfully filling thousands of vacancies over the years. Thanks to our extensive network, we can provide the solution to your recruitment needs in a very short span of time. The specialist who can start tomorrow was already consulted yesterday!


Specialised consultants

We always put you in touch with a consultant who is knowledgeable about your specific field. This knowledge, combined with an average of over five years' experience in employment services, means our consultants are fully equipped to address your recruitment needs. They draw on their knowledge and focus to translate your recruitment needs into a suitable solution and present you with the best candidates on the market.


Highly developed professionals 

Our professionals are encouraged to participate in profession-related training courses or training programmes. They are also supported by a coach who helps them to improve their competencies. Together, they take stock of the steps that need to be taken for personal development. These steps are used to determine specific training goals and the further course. This satisfies the requirements set by both your organisation and our professionals and ensures that they will provide even greater value to your organisation.


Powerful range 

Through ­an optimal mix of media, search and our large network, we are capable of attracting and retaining candidates who meet and exceed your expectations. They are familiar with the (temporary) nature of your assignments and are excellent at responding to specific issues within your organisation.


Flexible and clear

We would be happy to draw up a proposal detailing your recruitment needs and our approach. Our working method is characterised by speed combined with quality and flexibility. If you would like to extend or terminate a contract early, we would be happy to help you reach the right solution. Our greatest aim is absolute satisfaction. Regular consultation ensures optimal collaboration. We strive to maintain a lasting and transparent relationship.

Our specialisations

Although we specialise in the three disciplines listed below, we are more than capable of assisting you with temporary positions in other sectors.

Discipline_Technology 80x80.jpg


Our certified specialists either work in the financial sector or in financial roles in business and industry.
More about YER Technology

Discipline_Public 80x80.jpg


Our flexible professionals are fully informed of the developments within the public sector.
More about YER Public

Discipline_Finance 80x80.jpg


Our certified specialists either work in the financial sector or in financial roles in business and industry.
More about YER Finance

Supply Chain80x80.jpg

Supply Chain 

Our professionals have experience in designing, planning and managing complex flows of goods.
More about YER Supply Chain.

Procurement 80x80.jpg


We recruit highly educated lawyers and jurists with experience in the legal profession and/or business.
More about YER Legal

Discipline_IT 80x80.jpg


We recruit qualified professionals who contribute to the optimization of your IT processes.
More about YER IT


Sales & Marketing

We recruit dedicated sales professionals who contribute to the growth and development of your sales.
More about YER Sales & Marketing

Bouw & Infra-80-80.jpg


We recruit ambitious professionals who have experience in complex projects. 
More about YER Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure

Hoofdbeeld Food, Feed & Pharma 80x80.jpg


Our professionals are experienced and certified specialists who enjoy working in a dynamic and changeable environment.
More about YER Food, Feed & Pharma

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