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Deze vacature is helaas al vervuld.

Niet getreurd: we hebben gelukkig veel andere vacatures openstaan. 

Directie & Management


Directie & Management Chemicals Wo Master In dienst bij opdrachtgever
Victor Latumahina
Victor Latumahina
Manager YER Executive

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Deze vacature is helaas al vervuld.

Deze vacature is helaas al vervuld.

Niet getreurd: we hebben gelukkig veel andere vacatures openstaan. 


Chemicals Wo Master In dienst bij opdrachtgever
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Directie & Management
Over deze vacature

This diverse and unique opportunity to integrate into Lemoine Holland combines technical, result-focused, management and political aspects into one exciting position for an all-round management professional, ready to restructure and energize Lemoine.

In this position, you will build a restructuring plan based on which you will drive the Lemoine facility in The Netherlands forwards. By 2024 you have achieved your own set of ambitious targets for the European cotton market and increased Lemoine’s competitiveness. In order to realize this, you introduce cost-reducing initiatives and programs aimed at increasing efficiency.

You carry full responsibility for Lemoine’s Emst site, its flagship production facility, with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. You are tasked with driving this site to a level of mastery befitting its status. To excel in this, you should possess strong leadership capabilities, have a strong personality and should be able to persuade and involve the complete team of the Emst facility, as well as committee members, meaning you experience intergroup politics as an opportunity, and not as a limitation.

You understand the importance of the Dutch facility relative to Lemoine as a whole, act decisively and control the plant based on information already available to you. If a collaboration is profitable to the Emst facility, but hurts Lemoine’s overall balance sheet, you can firmly inform relevant stakeholders on its benefits and limitations.

You have 4 managers and 2 coordinators as direct reports, while you indirectly manage approximately 150 employees. Furthermore, you report directly to the Group Industrial Director.

Additional tasks and responsibilities for the Site Director include:

  • Managing employees by creating a motivating framework for these employees with a view to continuous development and improvement
  • Drafting tactical and operational plans and co-assessing and coordinating these plans in financial and organizational terms in such a way that an optimal contribution is made to the implementation of the business plan and to the realization of the budgetary targets
  • Coordinating and supervising the activities to be performed by the managers of the department to achieve optimal coordination between these different departments
  • Ensuring the deployment of machines, raw and auxiliary raw materials, materials, people, etc. in such a way that effective and efficient implementation is guaranteed
  • Ensuring that all processes can be realized according to the given qualitative and quantitative specifications, adjusting the production process in the event of deviations
  • Following and implementing developments in products and processes
  • External contact with suppliers and experts
  • Internal contact (daily) with management, coordinators, team leaders, technical managers, other company officials and the executive committee

Founded in 1978 by Philippe and Jeanne Lemoine, Groupe Lemoine has developed a unique expertise in the production of cotton-based care and hygiene products. In several years, the small family business has grown to become the market leader in its sector in Europe, and the world's second largest, serving over 300 international clients and 10 factories across 5 continents.

Groupe Lemoine's expertise, stemming not only from its innovative capacity but also from the company's strong commitment to sustainable development, is widely acknowledged. Responsiveness, commitment, trust, innovation, passion, and excellence all constitute core values of this firm.

This is the ideal position for someone with an active personality and focus on quality, while maintaining overview and a full perspective on the organization.

Furthermore, Lemoine Holland offers the following terms of employment:

  • Annual salary up to €120.000, a pension scheme with MITT, and WIA gat/hiaat insurance
  • A company car
  • 24 holiday days, 13 'adv' days
  • A pleasurable working environment, motivated colleagues, and plenty of room to executive your own initiatives
  • A company laptop and phone

To excel in this position, you should be able to integrate into Lemoine Holland quickly, make effective decisions based on information readily available and be flexible. You are friendly, but also firm and able to reject suggestions when you disagree with them. Within the guidelines of the Lemoine Groupe, you operate effectively, though you know when to stand your ground if you feel a strategic route is not in the best interest of the group.

The perfect candidate possesses the following:

  • You are purposeful, convincing, pragmatic, no nonsense, enthusiastic, assertive, communicative and have negotiation skills and natural predominance
  • You know when to protect the interest of the Dutch facility, but don't lose sight of the value this facility adds to Lemoine Groupe
  • Intercompany politics excite you
  • You are capable of developing and executing a strategic restructuring plan with both implications in the short and long run
  • You have a keen eye for cost-effective and efficiency-improving measures
  • Business fluency in English is required, French is a plus

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