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Plenty of room for ambition

Working for the government

Students, new entrants, seasoned professionals or managers: if you possess the drive to make the Netherlands an even better place, YER empowers you with the freedom to transform your ambitions into reality.

Find your job opening

For ambitious candidates

YER arranges interim and temporary employment assignments, permanent appointments and traineeships. Get a job through us at leading municipalities, municipal institutions and government organizations throughout the Netherlands. Choose what suits you best, and use our expert guidance to unlock your full potential.

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Extensive network

Extensive network

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Focus on development

Focus on development

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Personal guidance

Personal guidance

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Take control of your career

Our specializations

YER can help you carve out a career in the government, in the social domain, spatial planning, construction or civil engineering. Your next job could be with the government, with YER’s assistance.

Work as a policy advisor, client manager/executive consultant, case manager, area or developer. There’s also a wide choice of jobs in administration, such as HR advisor, communications advisor, payroll administrator, helpline assistant, or one of many other positions in policy areas such as:

  • Social domain
  • Youth Services
  • Spatial Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Thanks to our extensive contacts with municipalities and government organizations, you’ll find the temporary or permanent position that matches your ambitions. You can then enjoy personal guidance, excellent terms of employment and extensive development opportunities, provided by consultants with many years of experience of working for the government.

Government job openings

YER offers you challenging job openings in the public sector, through our comprehensive network of government agencies, municipalities and municipal organizations. Whether you’re a new entrant, senior or somewhere in between: find the best government job for every stage of your career through YER.

A few of the organizations our candidates work for:

We are here for you

Ambition is the fuel driving your next step. We help you recognize ambition and set it in motion. This will take you farther than you ever thought possible. We are here for you throughout your career.

  • YER for Students
  • YER for New entrants
  • YER for Professionals
  • YER for Executives
YER for students


If you’re not sure yet how to bridge the gap between theory and practice, YER is happy to show you the way. YER wants to offer you prospects, and help you improve your chance of success on the job market. Show us that you want to stay ahead of the rest and discover what could be in store for you after graduation. 

Find out how YER helps students advance
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YER for new entrants

New entrants

Your ideal employer provides you with more opportunities. Which profile will best help strengthen your position on the job market? How can you broaden your horizons? With the right match, YER traineeships and our personal guidance, you’ll be way ahead of other new entrants on the job market after just one year. 

Find out how YER helps new entrants advance
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YER for professionals


You don’t want to get stuck in a rut. You want to feel free to grow and develop further, with the peace of mind you get from stable employment. YER can help you get access to the most challenging employers to show what you and your expertise are worth. Your value will grow with each project. 

Find out how YER helps professionals advance
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YER for executives


You have proven your knowledge and skills. Time for a new step forward. YER helps you find new challenges. We match you with the most ambitious clients, as an executive, manager or experienced specialist. You stay on top of your game, and move on to the next victory. 

Find out how YER helps executives advance
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Meet our consultants

YER consultants are true specialists, often with many years of experience in job placement and the government sector. We actively contribute with in-depth insights and switch gears rapidly. This is how you will find your dream job in no time.

Casper Krijgsman
I studied Commercial Economics, then started working in job placement in 2022. As an infrastructure recruitment consultant at YER, I help as...
Meet with Casper
Myrne Janssen
In March of 2022 I joined YER as an HR consultant. With a background in General Social Science and over 5 years of experience in job...
Meet with Myrne
Marijn Exterkate
Since 2021, I’ve been working at YER in the Talent Recruitment Team, which prepares technical, IT and spatial planning students for job...
Meet with Marijn
Sherry Kindo Kamara
Having embarked on my career as a recruitment consultant in 2019, I have been specializing in process engineering at YER since 2021. Gaining...
Meet with Sherry
Miralem Dedovic
Begin 2020 heb ik de studie Personeelwetenschappen aan de universiteit van Tilburg succesvol afgerond. Na mijn studie ben ik een eigen...
Meet with Miralem
Bram Dwars
I started working at YER in 2021 immediately after completing my Bachelor’s in Commercial Economics & Sports Marketing. I’m specialized...
Meet with Bram
Thomas den Haan
I started working in job placement in 2017 and spent the first year as a talent sourcer. Then I became an online recruiter. Having joined...
Meet with Thomas
Richard Sijtsma
I completed a program in event organization, worked for an employment agency for two years, then joined YER in 2023. Helping civil...
Meet with Richard
Tijs Blankenvoorde
As an automotive engineering recruiter at YER, I help recent graduates find career opportunities. Because I was in your shoes not too long...
Meet with Tijs
Chris Barros
As an enthusiastic and social Recruitment Consultant with one year of experience at the secondment agency YER, I am driven to achieve the...
Meet with Chris