Working in the Netherlands

What steps do we take before you can start at your new job? YER Technology has a 10-step plan after which you will be able to live and work in The Netherlands:

  1. A YER Consultant contacts you with a career chance in The Netherlands
  2. You're enthusiastic about the opportunity iand about working abroad
  3. The client shares the enthusiasm and invites you to a job interview
  4. Your consultant evaluates the job interview with you and stays in touch with the client
  5. You're hired! Your consultant will contact you and provides information about hotels near the location of the client
  6. The consultant picks you up from the airport and makes sure you are able to check in at the hotel
  7. You will go to the Expat Centre with the consultant and take care of a lot of administrative affairs, like the request for a Social Security Number and the opening of a bank account
  8. Your consultant will contact the housing agency and landlords to help you find a place to live
  9. You will arrange all the tax related affairs together with your consultant.
  10. As soon as all the formalities are taken care of, you're ready to start at your new job!

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