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YER Legal is the specialist label for the upper echelons of the legal job market. We exclusively recruit highly trained legal professionals, ranging from junior trainee lawyers to experienced General Counsels. We focus on permanent positions, interim positions and Legal Consulting through Law.Yer.

Our team consists of experienced consultants (Deborah Wijlhuizen, Annuschka Hartman and Sophie Lourens) and executive search associates (Tim, Bart and Sophia). All consultants are lawyers and have gained work experience in the legal profession and/or business world.

As a result of our training, background and experience, we know exactly what drives lawyers. We also know the market like the back of our hand, enabling us to respond effectively to organisations' current needs. This enables us to serve as a sophisticated professional sparring partner for both candidates and clients.

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Exceptional talent for every organisation

Our track record is extensive and can be requested via Deborah Wijlhuizen. We are comfortable dealing with multinationals (in the Netherlands and abroad), family businesses and SMEs, as well as start-ups and scale-ups. In addition to filling individual vacancies, YER Legal can also play an active role in optimally organising new teams and entire departments (another area in which we boast an extensive track record).

What services do we offer?

We offer the following services for clients seeking to permanently or temporarily recruit their ideal candidates: 

  • Recruitment & selection for permanent positions.
  • Interim management for temporary positions
  • Legal Consulting through Law.Yer

As a trusted partner, we are fully committed to the successful mediation of your legal positions. We will arrange the recruitment process from start to finish and ensure the highest possible quality, offering you a choice from the best candidates the market has to offer. 

An expert sparring partner

Candidates and clients come first at YER Legal. After all, they are the reason we exist. As a Trusted Advisor to both parties, we build long-lasting relationships and focus on the long term. 

Our approach is personal, transparent, thorough and no-nonsense. Mutual trust, integrity and a genuine interest in each other all ensure an open dialogue. We have a unique ability to inspire this sense of openness among both candidates and clients. This helps us to identify both the facts (e.g. work experience and knowledge) as well as the relevant soft aspects (e.g. the organisational culture or candidate's intrinsic motivation). We believe a spirit of mutual openness is the key to a successful and sustainable match. This means we will candidly inform you if we believe your organisation would be better off with another candidate or if a candidate would be better off not aspiring to a certain position. This will ensure that all parties get the best out of themselves, yielding the best results in the long run.

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Not all current vacancies are published on our English website. Please also look at the Legal vacancies on our Dutch website.

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We cater to every need

Our consultants will be happy to help you fill any position. Whether it is short or long-term. We prepare a solid business case prior to every assignment. This enables us to quickly find the most suitable candidate for every situation. This approach will furthermore ensure a perfect fit for your organisation.

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