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Student training programs

Our expertise turns professional development into a unique experience for students. YER student training programs are very interactive, developed in-house according to the principles of Karin de Galan, and tailored to you based on your input. We thoroughly prepare each unique participant with due consideration for today’s job market. Find out all about YER student training on this page. 

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Training offer 

YER student training programs can be scheduled at a variety of times and are held at locations such as colleges and universities, as well as study and student societies and sports clubs. We are happy to work with you as an athletic or student association board member, teacher or student supervisor to come up with a training program customized for your students.

Know your qualities 

What are your unique skills? This is a difficult question for many students. Using interactive assignments, students explore their qualities and learn how to sell them to future employers.

Personal leadership 

Do you also sometimes feel like you have lost control over your life? It’s time to take matters into your own hands. During this training program, we explore what makes students happy and what they have to offer. Next, we set goals that will help them make informed choices, both during college and on their way to their first job.

Building a LinkedIn profile

What should you include in your LinkedIn profile, how can you best use the job board and how do you write a good post? We design the program based on the students’ needs.

Finding your dream job 

Are you looking for your dream job? The possibilities are endless, so chances are you’re struggling to figure out where to start. Fortunately, we do know. During this training program, we work with students to find out what drives them. Together we discover their core values, interests and qualities. We provide practical tips and tricks to help them find their feet in the job market. The result? Students who can navigate their careers with confidence.

Building a network 

Imagine you meet someone you would like to get in touch with, such as an interesting employer. How do you hold a networking conversation with them if they’re not interested in you? During this training program, we teach students how to handle a situation like this.

Build a good résumé

Do you create a new résumé for every job application? What do you include and what do you leave out? How can you make a professional impression? By the end of this training program, students will know exactly what a good résumé looks like.

Get noticed with your cover letter

How do you put your cover letter in the spotlight? Using interactive assignments and examples, your students will learn what to include and what to leave out in the letter, improving their chances of getting invited to an interview.

Job interview

How do you prepare for a job interview, make sure you stand out, and how do you sell your distinctive qualities? These are just a few of the topics we cover during the training program.

Salary negotiations 

How do you handle salary negotiations, what’s your worth on the job market, and which benefits are important? During this training program, we cover the entire process, from preparation to the ultimate interview.



Effective negotiation 

How do you handle negotiations? During this training program, students learn how to protect their own interests while ensuring the outcome is optimal for both parties. In short, a win-win situation.

Presentations with impact 

Does the mere thought of giving a presentation give you stage fright, or are you interested in learning how to get your message across even more powerfully? During this interactive training program, students learn how to apply the various aspects of presenting so that they can get up in front of a group with confidence.

Time management 

What works for you, how do you make a concrete schedule and how do you fight the urge to procrastinate? We design the training program based on the students’ needs.

Working efficiently with others 

What challenges does your team face when working together? This might be teammates’ behavior, unspoken expectations or communication within the team. We are happy to talk to students to create appropriate training that optimizes collaboration.

Fast, targeted meetings 

Are meetings lasting too long, lacking in structure or failing to produce conclusions? During this training program, we will work on the stumbling blocks teams face. These might include group dynamics, who takes on which role and how to influence this, brainstorming techniques and so on. We are happy to talk to students to create a suitable training program that optimizes collaboration.


How do you tell a captivating, compelling story that’s a perfect match for your audience? During this interactive training program, students learn how to tell a powerful story in a concise, personal and inspiring way. They also learn how to make a connection with the audience to keep them spellbound as they listen.



YER’s expertise turns professional development into a unique experience for students. Interested?

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