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Flight Forum 80

5657 DC Eindhoven (NL)

T: +31 (0)88 937 11 00


Hero Simple Eindhoven


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The nearest paid parking (credit/debit card only) is in the Flight Forum Garage  (Flight Forum 565). The Techtower (Flight Forum 80-119)  can be reached by either the pedestrian passage or the square.

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If you’re looking for a challenging position in Eindhoven, we offer a large selection of interesting job openings in a range of fields of expertise and industries. Our network of inspiring clients is an extensive one, and is growing every day.

Meet our team in Eindhoven

Maarten Halkes
Since early 2013, I’ve been working in job placement at YER for profiles in the broad public domain. I entered job placement immediately...
Meet with Maarten
Alyssa Bos
I come from a social-legal background with work experience in the public sector. Since 2018, I’ve dedicated myself to the world of job...
Meet with Alyssa
Robin van der Pijl
Recruitment is the common thread running through my career. During my HRM course, I ended up in the world of HR services. Since 2022, I’ve...
Meet with Robin
Rob van Roosmalen
I’ve been working in job placement since completing my studies in Business Administration in 2014. Since this time, I’ve progressed through...
Meet with Rob
Mark Bakker
I’ve been working at YER since early 2022, where I match professionals with clients in the fascinating and rapidly developing world of...
Meet with Mark
Sybren Poppen
After studying Business Administration, I spent ten years gaining experience in job placement. A bridge-builder by nature, I genuinely enjoy...
Meet with Sybren
Tim Schipper
After studying business, I moved straight to a position in job placement. I’ve gained experience in various industries, including two years...
Meet with Tim
Bonnie Busch
I completed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in European Studies. Since joining YER, I’ve specialized in every aspect...
Meet with Bonnie
Alex Brouwer
I obtained a double Master’s in Economics & World Economy and Finance. As a consultant at YER, I continuously broaden my knowledge...
Meet with Alex