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Our vision and mission

Ambitions in motion

We are ambitious and commercial but also realistic. This is why what we say and what we promise isn’t just smooth talk, but real. We show who we are up close. Imperfections are precisely what makes it perfect. Credible and on-the-mark. After all, we make things happen for people and organizations. We get them moving. We help them push their limits to expand their prospects.

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YER’s vision 

YER believes in a world where everyone’s potential can be maximized. 

Ambitions change right along with your career, your life, the growth of your organization and the opportunities and developments happening around you. We help you realize your ambitions, whether you’re a colleague, candidate or client. In every phase of your career and for any type of organization. 

YER’s mission

YER connects talents, experts and organizations and sets ambitions in motion. 

We achieve this by working with the best consultants. Our consultants connect ambitious students, new entrants, professionals, experts, managers and executives to leading organizations. Thanks to a razor-sharp long-term vision, YER encourages all candidates to reach their full potential throughout their careers. This helps them and the organizations they work for get ahead. 

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