Although food and medication are an essential part of our day-to-day lives, we often forget the journey food takes before it makes its way onto our plates and the huge amount of work involved in the development and production of medication. We trust these industries implicitly and you too, as a professional who has chosen to work in them!

You are employed in one of the biggest industries in the Netherlands and have an important social role to play. In the Netherlands, you and some 15,000 other colleagues work in the pharmaceutical industry and more than 450,000 colleagues have opted for a career in the food industry. In the years ahead, there will be a particular need for professionals with a technical and technological background, which is why we would be very interested in discussing your aspirations with you.


In the years since YER was founded, we have developed a large network of international, national and regional partners in the food and pharmaceutical industries. YER Food, Feed & Pharma helps you secure a position with a leading organisation, whether on a permanent and/or temporary basis. Our consultants are experienced and specialise in one or more of the focus areas below. We are a professional, high-level sparring partner and, as such, ideally placed to help you decide on the criteria for the next step in your career. We are also personally involved in your personal and professional development. We are always happy to discuss how we could benefit each other in the short or long term.

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Our focus areas

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Maintenance, Engineering, Technical Services

Make the difference in an industry with no shortage of technological challenges. Contribute to the design, realisation and maintenance of process installations, facilities systems, utilities and rooms/buildings.


Life Sciences, Quality, R&D

Contribute to strengthening innovation at leading companies. Your work affects people’s day-to-day lives. Further your career in QA, QC, RA or R&D.

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Supply Chain (SCM), Planning, Customer Service, Sales

Excelleer in een dynamische omgeving van processen en resultaat.

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General Management

As a management professional, contribute to growth and development in Food, Feed & Pharma.


Potato products, baby food, bakeries, baking articles, baking and dessert mixes, beers, blood supply, the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, frozen products, animal feed, soft drinks and juices, cheese and dairy activities, coffee, tea and food, herbs and spices, nuts and crisps, confectionery manufacturers, tobacco manufacturers, paints, varnishes and specialist chemicals, cured-meat products and meat preserves.

Food, Feed & Pharma vacancies

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