Susanna Botteram


Susanna Botteram
Interim Support Professional


Susanna on her work ...
Thanks to my extensive experience as a PA and Office Manager in a wide range of sectors (profit, healthcare and legal), I am now a versatile and well-organised management-level support professional. I thrive in an informal but professional environment that requires me to be flexible, independent and engaging. One where I’m trusted, feel involved and can take a lot of work off my manager’s shoulders. I’m constantly looking for the challenge of developing myself at both professional and personal level: if I’m challenged, I’m happy.

 ... and on YER
My ambition and my drive to learn on an ongoing basis mean that, after a while, I start to get bored if I stay in one place. YER is the ideal solution for me: I don’t switch to automatic pilot and I can fully concentrate on the task in hand. I also get the chance to find out what goes on in different companies and to work with lots of different people. So I always look forward to my next assignment.