Carla van Hende


Carla van Hende
Executive Assistant at Royal IHC


Carla on her work ...
In the first instance, I was seconded through YER as Executive Assistant to an Executive Director to cover maternity leave. But, when it became clear that the lady I was replacing would return to work part-time in another role, the temporary assignment was extended twice. As well as providing support to the Executive Director, I also provide support to the Sales Director, who has global responsibility for a business line and spends a lot of time travelling. And, together with my colleague Charlotte, I also provide support to the new Managing Director Netherlands. There’s never a dull moment, and I have plenty of opportunities to make use of my international experience and my excellent knowledge of English. As well as managing complex travel schedules, making frequent changes to diaries and making adjustments as a result of changing priorities, I organise workshops and do research for presentations. My slide-writing skills are certainly appreciated. I feel very comfortable in the role I’ve assumed of sparring partner and business partner. You don’t just bring your professional experience with you, you also bring your personality. I’m known as someone with drive, who gets things running smoothly behind the scenes, who can adapt quickly, who listens carefully and gets on with the job. That’s why I have an assignment until July 2018.

 ... and on YER
My background was discussed at an introductory interview. I had been working as a temporary assistant for a number of years. Two weeks later, they called me about a temporary position! Everything was sorted within a week. I am now in very regular contact with my consultant. It’s all very easy. All the practical matters are dealt with in a professional way. I can highly recommend YER.