Carin van der Sijs


Carin van der Sijs
Personal/Management Assistant at Cushman & Wakefield


Carin on her work ...
This is my second interim assignment as a Personal/Management Assistant through YER. In my first assignment, the emphasis was on supporting management in my role as Personal Assistant, alongside my day-to-day operational tasks as Office Manager. In my current assignment, I act as Assistant not only to two Directors but also to a team. It’s difficult to compare the two jobs: the first assignment was more hectic in terms of the amount I had to do, but, given the larger number of people in the team, this assignment is also busy but in a totally different way. I find it really interesting to see the different ways companies do things, and I try to make sure that, wherever I’m posted, I work quickly and effectively.

 ... and on YER
I don’t like it if things become routine and I switch to automatic pilot. I like the challenge of tackling new tasks on a regular basis and working with different people in different companies, both large and small. I learn from this and it gives me a challenge. I used to be self-employed but when YER offered me a position as an interim manager, I didn’t think twice and I’ve never regretted my decision. A permanent contract offers more security than self-employment and YER’s consultants now know me well. They know what I like doing and what I’m good at. They do their utmost to find interesting assignments for me. Working through YER works out very well for me.