Ingrid Stolwijk


Ingrid Stolwijk
Interim Support Professional at YER


Ingrid on her work ...
As a Personal Assistant/Management Assistant, I enjoy being able to relieve the pressure on the board or members of the management team. I contribute ideas, I plan ahead and I take the pressure off them.

I am keen to develop my skills on an ongoing basis and I really like getting to know different companies. As an Interim Support Professional through YER, I am always working in new environments, with new tasks and new people. My favourite challenge is in the early days of a new assignment: making sure that things run smoothly (again) as quickly as possible. I like being able to take the experience that I have gained from this to my next assignment.

... and on YER
I am keen to learn and flexible and I enjoy variety and challenge. That’s why I like working as an Interim Support Professional. Thanks to my permanent contract with YER, I can always look forward to rewarding assignments. YER’s consultants know me well and they have good contacts with interesting companies. They always find me suitable assignments. Together, we strive to ensure that the client is satisfied. Working through YER gives me variety and security!