Our offices

Our ten Dutch branch offices give us a strong regional and national presence in the Netherlands. Each branch office has a team of consultants who deploy their knowledge of the local market and expertise in their own focus area to serve both clients and candidates. At the international level, we look forward to serving you as your professional recruitment partner from our offices in the USA and Begium, where our consultants help organisations and candidates achieve their international ambitions.


With locations in the United States and Belgium, YER boasts a large network that spans the globe. Our extensive international CV database, our portfolio of interesting clients and our specialised consultants enable us to respond to ever-changing demand within an increasingly international labour market.

YER Belgium
YER Antwerp was created by responding to the great need for technical staff in Belgium. In this area, YER is the perfect sparring partner for both the candidate and the client and even offers the possibility to train technical staff.

YER's first US branch office was founded in 2007 as part of our international expansion strategy and intensified collaboration with international clients. In 2014 we opened our newest location in Houston. In conjunction with YER Atlanta, these branch offices are helping organisations tackle various recruitment challenges in the United States and Canada.