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System Architect

Eindhoven WO Master Temp-to-perm
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Research & Development
Engineering & Development

System Architect

Eindhoven Research & Development Engineering & Development WO Master Temp-to-perm
Mark Simons
Mark Simons

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Eindhoven Engineering & Development WO Master Temp-to-perm
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Research & Development
Engineering & Development
About this vacancy

Senior role within a challenging enviroment

Job Description

  • As System Architect, you are connected to your projects until they hit the serial production stage. The involvement in these stages of the project is important to keep track of manufacturability and learn for future reference.
  • Besides the technical tasks, you also represent the company at conferences, fairs and presentations. You stay up to date on the newest developments in your area of expertise.
  • You will be the key contributor to the development of the technology road map and competence development.
  • While defining the roadmap together with fellow system architects, you will be in the lead of one (or more) competence team(-s) to enable knowledge growth within company.
  • Finally, you coach and lead a group of professionals in and out of the projects. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Your contribution to a project starts at the very beginning: the early discussions with (potential) customers. Together with the Business Developer or Account Manager you lead a technical discussion to understand customer problems and assess how we can solve them.
  • Then develop and discuss possible solutions at hand and present to customer together with the Business Developer or Account Manager and the Project Manager.
  • During the project you are a key contributor setting requirements and implementing new advanced system architectures, high-level mechatronics designs and execution of best-inclass solutions. The goal of this trio is to come up with a consistent system design that meets the functional requirements of our customers within the boundaries of overall cost and timing.
  • The System Architect is the end-responsible for the technological side of the projects.

At the organisation they take care of the entire mechatronic process from feasability to prototyping and industrialization.

YER Technology offers you the possibility to join as Engineering Professional and to combine challenging assignments with extensive application and career guidance. The following conditions are applicable:

  • Attractive salary according to the standards of our clients;
  • 25 holidays per year and the option to buy more holidays. Together with that it's possible to get ATV days if applicable;
  • A temporary or permanent contract with YER;
  • The possibility to join (y)our client directly after one year;
  • Travel expense reimbursement;
  • Good pension scheme;
  • Every hour of overtime will be compensated;
  • Open and transparent communication with your personal consultant;
  • Free Dutch classes;
  • Personal career coaching from our occupational psychologists;
  • Broad technical and softs skills training opportunities;
  • A Service Desk ready to answer all your practical questions.

Preferred background

  • Master/PhD degree in Engineering (Mechatronics, Physics or similar)
  • More than ten years solid background in setting-up, maintaining and optimizing functional architecture of mechatronics system design in a multidisciplinary (Mechatronics, Dynamics, Motion Control, Embedded SW, Electronics) context
  • Expert in assessment and mitigation of technical risks using dynamics analysis or creating proof of principle prototypes and designing and performing verification experiments and qualifications
  • Experience with predictive modelling, FEM analysis and multi-physics simulations is a must
  • Experience with vacuum applications, applied optics, opto-electronics or laser technology is an advantage • Interested in and up to date with recent mechatronics product, actuators and sensor technologies and process level technologies
  • Well-developed communication and social skills with a pragmatic attitude. You know how to convey complex topics in an understandable, pleasant and convincing fashion
  • Open minded, customer oriented, proactive and determined
  • Showing leadership skills and strong stakeholder management
  • Proficient in English language

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Depending on the process, the consultant will invite you to the next round(s) of interviews and possibly an assessment center.

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If you are selected for the position, you will receive an attractive job offer. We will be happy to advise you on realistic terms of employment.

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