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Unfortunately, this vacancy has already been filled.

Don't worry: fortunately we have many other vacancies open.


Lead Container Platform | AWS | EKS

Wesley Jeoffrey
Wesley Jeoffrey
Business Consultant IT

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Unfortunately, this vacancy has already been filled.

Unfortunately, this vacancy has already been filled.

Don't worry: fortunately we have many other vacancies open.


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About this vacancy

Shape the present & the future | Be the Lead that drives the multi-tenant container platform to new heights!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Platform Design: Shape the current and future design of our container platform, considering new developments and business requirements.
  • Innovation: Investigate, test, and implement cutting-edge tools and software to enhance the entire Container Platform.
  • Technology Advancement: Elevate our technology stack using innovative solutions and assist other teams in realizing the full potential of your products.
  • Optimization: Continuously optimize the Container Platform in areas such as automation, security, robustness, management, and cost-efficiency.
  • Collaboration: Partner with DevOps teams and other parties to assess new strategies, market trends, and technologies.
  • Communication: Promote and support DevOps teams by creating documentation, offering demonstrations and presentations, and actively assisting them.

TechBase Platforms Unit is seeking a Container Platform Tech Lead to drive our multi-tenant container platform to new heights. TechBase is the foundation of our engineering community where we drive change and innovation in our organization with our diverse skills and knowledge.

We are a dynamic team within TechBase Platforms responsible for designing, developing, configuring, and maintaining our multi-tenant EKS container platform hosted in AWS, supporting thousands of mission-critical microservice applications across hundreds of development teams.

Role Overview:

As the Container Platform Tech Lead, you will be responsible for shaping the present and future of our container platform. You will lead the charge in maintaining, optimizing, and enhancing our EKS-based container platform. Your role is pivotal in ensuring the platform remains secure, reliable, cost-effective, and aligns with business requirements. Collaboration with DevOps teams and other stakeholders is key, as you assess new strategies, market trends, and technologies to maximize development efficiency.

You will be employed by YER and seconded to KPN. We offer:

  • Permanent contract
  • Good employee benefits
  • Challenging assignments
  • Excellent guidance from your consultant and YER's back office
  • Development opportunities, including the YER Talent Development Programme with a personal coach
  • Intensive support for international candidates (including Dutch lessons, tax-return and accommodation assistance)
  • Cooperative and results and relationship-driven
  • Friendly atmosphere and open culture
  • Community/network with other technology professionals from a variety of multinationals
  • Events and master classes with interesting speakers and attractive companies

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Strong experience in the development, configuration, and maintenance of Kubernetes solutions on virtualized infrastructure or public cloud. AWS EKS experience is preferable.
  • Strong understanding of container technologies, preferably with Kubernetes certifications.
  • Proven experience in running Kubernetes in production within highly available, scalable, and secure platforms.
  • Strong experience with Helm and building charts for Kubernetes.
  • Proficiency in monitoring Kubernetes using tools like Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Strong experience with Terraform and Terragrunt.
  • Working knowledge of Rancher, Cilium, Kyverno, KEDA is a big plus.
  • Experience with AWS, accompanied by relevant certifications.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills for system, network, and application-related issues.
  • Knowledge of Go, Python and Bash scripting.
  • Working knowledge of CI/CD tools like GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps Pipeline, or Jenkins.
  • Familiarity with infrastructure testing.
  • Working experience with fully automated testing.
  • Ability to work independently and take ownership of assigned tasks.
  • Strong project management skills, capable of handling multiple projects or responsibilities concurrently.
  • GitOps mentality for managing Kubernetes clusters and applications via CI/CD pipelines.
  • Passion for automation, open source technologies, and tools.
  • A product mindset.

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