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Software Integration Engineer

HBO Temp-to-perm
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Software Integration Engineer

IT IT HBO Temp-to-perm
Jim Jansen
Jim Jansen
Senior Consultant

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IT HBO Temp-to-perm
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Integration Engineer - High Tech

You will install and integrate the software on our Quadra Machine. You need to do setting configuration on Quadra. You need to run necessary tests to guarantee the product works as specified after new software is installed on the machine. Next to this, when there are problems, you need to report them to the Release Manager, you detect and analyze them and advise what can be the issues together with the software engineers.

Besides this you will be responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Plenty of software installation and integration work is executed manually at this moment. You will need to come up with the idea and solution on how to automate this. Using Python, Shell or other scripts and other tools;
  • Develop and optimize integration processes and tools;
  • Most of the time test cases are provided by software developers and application engineers, you need to be able to execute those test cases on the machine, and report to the Release Manager if there is any issue found during software installation and integration;
  • You should detect and analyze the issue together with the software engineers;

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without electronics. From televisions to cars, and from fridges to the device you are reading this on right now, they are all interconnected by semiconductor devices (chips). To get the most use out of them, and the limited space in these devices, new methods are constantly being discovered to shrink them . Now, they have shrunk to the point that they cannot be measured anymore.

That is where our client comes in. They developed new technologies to make Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) so fast and accurate that it can be used as in-line metrology tool in the manufacturing of the most advanced semiconductor wafers . This solves one of the biggest challenges for their (potential) customers, which are the largest Semiconductor Manufacturers in the world.

Seizing this moment to come aboard presents an exceptional chance to advance not only in your technical expertise but also in your personal and financial dimensions. The momentum is vivid and brimming with promise! Naturally, a fair and competitive salary forms the foundation. Yet, their offerings extend far beyond:

  • Work-Life Balance: They deeply value your equilibrium between work and life.;
  • Rejuvenation Time: Revel in relaxation with a generous allotment of 30 holidays per calendar year (based on a 40-hour workweek);
  • Holiday Allowance: Further enhancing your financial picture, an 8% holiday allowance awaits;
  • Commuting Support: Commuting is made easier with a dedicated allowance;
  • Remote Work Privilege: Embrace the flexibility of working from home with a designated allowance;
  • Their commitment transcends mere policies. Within this collective, colleagues stand united in support. The cornerstone is TEAM, where Together Everyone Achieves More, fostering an environment where collaboration thrives;
  • 5+ years of experience in large-scale software applications, semiconductor or embedded system is a plus;
  • Ability to read C# is a plus;
  • Test experience on system level;
  • Experience in a scripting language (Python/ Shell) is a must;
  • Experience of setting up a test bench and debugging skills;

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