Chief Growth Officer

  • Categories Finance
  • Employment Fulltime
  • Job number VAC-10021808
  • City Zwolle
  • Contract type Contract with Client
  • Branche/sector Finance


At this moment, they are looking for a Chief Growth Officer to accelerate the business.

About the job

  • The Chief Growth Officer is responsible for the company’s overall holistic growth
  • Initiate, collaborate, measure, and provide support for growth initiatives
  • Observe daily operations of the company to identify new opportunities and initiatives
  • Develop and execute a strategic plan for growth (turnover and margins)
  • Ensure suitable metrics are in place to measure performance and progress
  • Set up goals and targets
  • Monitor execution of the above and other business initiatives

About the company

CMC Worldwide is a result-driven Credit Management Agency specialized in getting invoices paid and preventing future invoices from becoming overdue. They work for SMEs, multinationals, and Fortune 500 companies located all over the world. At this moment, they are looking for a Chief Growth Officer to accelerate the business.

Offer description

Good remuneration.

Candidate profile

  • The Chief Growth Officer has remarkable understanding of current market trends
  • Is able to carefully analyze the market to make sure that the client’s needs are being understood
  • Possesses a vision for growth and is able to implement this vision within the organization
  • Is capable of working simultaneously across a number of key activity areas that drive growth
  • Makes internal processes smooth
  • Has excellent communication skills - both written and verbal
  • Has a proven track record in Commerce
  • Holds a Bachelor/master's in business administration, marketing or similar

The Chief Growth Officer we are looking for is a:

Charismatic leader who acts proactive and gets things done.

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