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YER Enschede (Pantheon 2)

Salary negotiation training + pizza

Nice that you are registering for the Salary Negotiation training in cooperation with Isaac Newton & YER!

We would like to see you on May 29 at 3.30 p.m. at our office (Pantheon 2, Enschede). We will eat a pizza after the training.

Would you like a pizza? Please fill in your pizza choice in the comments. You can choose from Salami/Margherita/Pepperoni/Hawaii/Vegetarian/Vegan.

Do you have any allergies? Then let us know this in the comments as well!

What will you learn in this Salary Negotiation training?

What terms of employment are important to discuss and how do you get what you're worth after a salary negotiation? In this interactive training you will learn extensively about this process: from preparation to interview, and even negotiation. 

What can YER do for you?

The future belongs to the talented! We believe in forming the connecting bridge between study and work, so that students enter the job market confident and well-prepared. With training courses, webinars and resume checks, we help you as a student with your personal development at every stage of your studies. Together with you, we also look at the various opportunities available after your studies. We know the job market and offer tools and guidance to help you make the right choice. For example, you can participate in our Talent Development Programme, a tailor-made program that focuses on your professional and personal development.

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Date and time

29 May 2024

3.30 p.m.

Meet the organiser

Fabiënne Fokke
Talent Specialist