Senior Sensor Development Engineer

  • Aanbod Up to € 4,900 gross per month, depending on experience
  • Functiegroep Engineering, Energie
  • Dienstverband Fulltime
  • Vacaturenummer 8951000
  • Locatie Rotterdam
  • Contract In dienst van opdrachtgever
  • Branche Manufacturing, High Tech, Construction

Over deze vacature

Do you have knowledge and experience with fine mechanical development? And material knowledge of glass, metal and (filling) plastics? Are you creative in using this material in developing a high-end design? Then we would like to get in touch with you!


As a Sensor Developer you design the high-quality sensors that are used for measurements of process parameters of liquids such as pH and conductivity. You’ll develop a sensor based upon new customer requirements or feedback from our own production. Customers who purchase your sensors need to rely on the quality and reliability of this product in their processes to process scarce raw materials into useful products for your energy needs. Therefore, you are responsible to develop and test a qualitative design according to prescribed standards, such as PED, ATEX, EMC.

During the design phase you involve our production line and research laboratory in the possibilities for the use of material and its effect on the current production line. Producing sensors is micro-precise work. The used materials each have their specifications and qualities when they come into contact with temperature or acidity. This must be tested before a designed sensor can be taken into production. You are proud of a new design or if problems with an existing sensor are solved by your redesign.

You get the chance to educate yourself further in new measurement principles for pH and other process parameters such as Free Chlorine (FC) and Turbidity (TB). With a focus on quality, safety and manufacturability. We are a global supplier of process automation solutions and safety systems. We stand for quality first, pioneering spirit and contributing to society.


In the Netherlands, Amersfoort we have our European Headquarters since 1982. Our European network contains sales-, service- and engineeringorganizations in a great amount of countries.

The Core Values creating our company are examples of priority's and obligations of our employees. When embracing these values, we become professionally exceptional and achieve a competitive advantage. We strive to be a worldwide, dynamic and enterpreneurial organization. Also we focus on a better future by co-creating value together with our clients.

  • Respect;
  • Value Creation;
  • Collaboration;
  • Integrity;
  • Graditude.

Do you want to contribute to achieving the sustainability goals that we have set ourself?
We will focus on achieving net-zero emissions, making a transition to a circular economy, ensuring the well being of everyone to 2050, thus making the world a better place for future generations. With its systems and its co-innovation process, we want to use our resources as efficiently as possible with regard to what it has set up together with its customers. We work every day to create a better future for the next generation. You can achieve this together with your team!


Our Process Analyzers department is the production organization within our bigger organization, responsible for the production of our high-end sensors. You will work in a great team who collaborate together and are open to help each other. We stand for respect, value creation, cooperation, integrity and gratitude. This is reflected in the approach to customers, the helpfulness among colleagues and commitment to a better future. You can develop in many ways, giving you the opportunity to determine your own career. Opportunities for personal development and to grow within this organization are very present.

Personal growth is what we find important. You can develop and create your own personal carreer plan.


  • Innovative, high-end, groundbreaking products;
  • Prominent clients worldwide;
  • Non-hierarchical organization with short communication lines;
  • Several (international) carrier opportunities;
  • A relaxed and informal, but professional working environment;
  • Excellent primary and secondary terms of employment.


What are we looking for in a Sensor Developer?

  • Bachelor of Master degree preferably in mechanical engineering;
  • At least 7-10 years of experience in similar positions, preferably in sensor development;
  • Electronics knowledge is a plus as well as knowledge of ATEX and PED guidelines;
  • A thorough knowledge of materials of glass, metal and (filling) plastics;
  • Experience with CAD software (e.g. Solid Works) and MS Office; knowledge of SAP is an advantage;
  • Able to lead design projects and solve complex issues in a creative, practical and customer-oriented way;
  • Good communication skills and mastery of the Dutch and English language in word and writing.