Furnace Operations Engineer

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  • Offer Excellent remunerations
  • Job category Energie
  • Contract Fulltime
  • Reference number 8617700
  • Location Dongen
  • Contract type Contract with client
  • Industry Manufacturing

About this vacancy

Job objective

  • Improvement of energy and environmental performance of furnaces;
  • Start-up, tuning and optimisation of furnaces after rebuild;
  • Operational support to plants and optimisation of furnace operation, energy consumption and environmental performance.

Job description

Job characteristics

  • Communication of results, findings and solutions to all appropriate levels of management;
  • Prediction of energy consumption;
  • Benchmarking, monitoring and reporting of furnace energy consumption;
  • Development of a furnace energy prediction system based on heat balances (EBM) or simple models or ES III or other standards;
  • Taking relevant parameters like cullet, pull, ageing, wear, cooling, Redox etc. into account;
  • Use of operational data (from available systems) like temperatures etc. to calibrate model;
  • Show deviation of actual from predicted in a dashboard application for all furnaces;
  • Analysis of deviations and causes from operational data to identify issues like blocked packs, cold air ingression etc.

Furnace Start-up:

  • Supervision of furnace start-up, basic set-up and fine-tuning before SAT.

Furnace operation:

  • Operational support for all plants;
  • Support of operational furnace audits;
  • Continuous improvement of furnace operations;
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance of furnaces;
  • Support and implementation of advanced control systems.


Ardagh Group is a global leader in glass and metal packaging solutions for the world’s biggest consumer brands. We operate 100+ glass and metal manufacturing facilities in 22 countries, employing approximately 23,000+ people. We create packaging for numerous market sectors including, among others, beverage cans, food, aerosols, beers and spirits.


  • Excellent remunerations;
  • Company car.

Candidate profile

  • Languages: Fluent in English language;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Skilled to use office software;
  • Has a manufacturing background with complex costing processes and intercompany transactions;
  • BSc. in engineering, chemistry or glass technology or comparable technical education or equivalent working experience;
  • Excellent experience in furnace operation;
  • Good communication skills;
  • The job demands extensive travelling.
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