Chemical Analist

  • Job category Engineering
  • Employment Fulltime
  • Reference number VAC-10007585
  • Location weert
  • Contract type Secondment via YER
  • Industry High Tech

About this vacancy

For the Analytical Chemistry Department at Symeres in Weert (The Netherlands), we are currently looking for a Chemical Analyst.

Job description

The Analyst is accountable for results in a fast-paced environment. As a member of the Analytical Chemistry department team, the Analyst is responsible for analytical method development and validation, testing of raw materials, In-Process Controls, Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), and stability testing. The Analytical Chemistry department is equipped with state-to-the art analytical techniques like GC (MS), (u)HPLC (MS-MS), ICP (MS), NMR, IC, wet chemistry, FT-IR.  


  • Develops analytical methods (appropriate for the clinical phase the project is running into) to support the development of process routes and to support demo batches and/or pilot plant campaigns. Development may start from scratch or be based on a technical package delivered by the customer.
  • Performs all related tasks needed to set up an analytical method, as (but not limited to): creation of specification sheets, qualification of reference standards, forced degradation studies, analytical method validation, and the development of stability indicating methods for stability studies.
  • Participates directly with external parties to address and resolve problems identified during the analytical-R&D.
  •   Assists with the compilation of reports (progress reports, GMP-documentation, etc.).
  • Involved in testing of the project specific raw materials, in-process controls, intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. 


Symeres is the leading mid-sized European contract research organization offering innovative chemistry, medicinal chemistry, early drug substance development, and GMP production services to accelerate the drug discovery and development process in a flexible and cost-effective way. Symeres has sites in Nijmegen, Groningen, Prague and Weert, and offers integrated drug-discovery services from hit to clinic. Working for many pharmaceutical and biotech companies throughout the world, Symeres is recognized for its high-quality products and services and its unprecedented problem-solving capabilities.

Offer description

  • In return for your hard work you will be rewarded with an excellent salary and fringe benefits
  • Fixed salary commensurate with knowledge and experience
  • An attractive package of employee benefits
  • The terms of employment offered are exceptionally good
  • A competitive package of employee benefits.

Candidate profile

  •   Bachelor’s degree in analytical chemistry required.
  •   3-5 years of related experience required.
  • Experienced in analytical method development and analytical method validation.
  • Good organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Strong understanding of cGMP and regulatory requirements as they relate to laboratory practices.
  • Strong data handling skills and an understanding of the importance of data integrity.
  • An ability to analyse qualitative and quantitative information to draw conclusions and make recommendations, based on clear scientific rationale.
  •   Excellent problem-solving attitude, communication and multitasking skills.